Press List

We’ve gotten a lot of attention from the press over the last couple years.
If you’d like to read, hear, or see what others think about us look no further!


  • (Interview)
  • CBS News - Public Eye (Article)
  • Business Week (Interview)
  • Popcity Media (Article)
  • Spokesman Review (Article)
  • Cambridge Community Television (Article)
  • Infoworld (Article) (Interview)
  • PC Magazine / E-week (Article)
  • Globo (Article)
  • BBC News (Article) (Article)
  • Yahoo! Pick (Link)
  • Wall Street Journal (Walt Mossberg’s column)
  • Reinventing TV (Article)
  • MTV News (Article)
  • (Article)
  • Newsweek (Article)
  • Independent Weekly (Article)
  • (Interview)
  • NYTimes Blog Sound and Light (Link)
  • (Link)


  • CNN Newsroom (Transcript)
  • GETV (Video Interview)
  • Here and Now w/ Robin Young [NPR] (Audio Interview)
  • Podcast Salad (Audio Interview)
  • Podcast (Audio Interview)
  • Podcast 411 (Audio Interview)
  • (Vloggies Interview)
  • Veoh’s Viral (Episode 13, Video Interview)
  • Wakeup Call (Audio Interview) (Link)
  • Dagbladet [Norway] (Video)
  • American Microphone (Video Interview)
  • Rocketboom (Video Interview)
  • Cambridge Community Television (Audio Interview)

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