Alive in Baghdad was started with money primarily gathered through grants and donations. Today we are struggling to get by, and have made it this far on a combination of donations and footage licensing. We have begun taking voluntary monthly subscriptions, in the hope that our viewership will step forward and provide financial support for the Baghdad reports you have come to love. Please make a subscription pledge today of 5, 10, or 25 dollars. If you don’t feel you can make a regular commitment, consider donating even a few dollars in a one-time donation today.

Please consider becoming a paying subscriber, right now we are offering these easy subscription options:

Alive in Baghdad T-Shirts!

Alive in Baghdad: Volume 1

Support Alive in Baghdad and purchase Volume 1, a collection of all our material from the last 3 months of 2006.

New Volumes coming soon!

Other Options

If you’d rather send us support via check, please make the check out to “Small World News“. Please let us know if you have any requests on how you’d like the money spent. You can mail checks to us at our address below.

If you’d instead prefer to donate equipment check out the list below to find what we’re looking for and don’t hesitate to contact us.

We are looking for a new fiscal sponsor, please let us know if you can suggest an organization that would be willing to sponsor us!


Small World News
2234 S 15th St. #2
Philadelphia, PA 19145


1. PC Laptops, preferably P4, but fast enough to do web browsing and run office software, cuts only editing capability is a plus

2. MiniDV Cameras

3. MiniDV tape

4. Mpeg4 Cameras

5. Digital Still Cameras

If you have other ideas for equipment to donate, let us know, we may have forgotten some of our needs here, and new things always come up!

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