Middle East Staff

Omar Abdullah

Omar Abdullah worked as a translator and fixer after the invasion of Iraq. Before coming to Alive in Baghdad, Omar worked primarily with the Christian Peacemaker Teams. In his work with CPT he assisted translation of interviews with Palestinians living in Iraq and former Detainees, as well as meetings between Iraqis and US Embassy officials, arranged by CPT.

Omar is working now with Alive in Baghdad because it gives him a great hope to help the Iraqi people and to show some truth to the world about life in Iraq.

Qasem Dulaimi

Qasem is an ex-Iraqi Army soldier, and after the invasion he first believed that Iraqis should fight the occupation. Many things changed his mind, including relationships with foreigners established through the internet and other outlets.

Now he writes a regular blog on Alive in Baghdad to discuss life in Ramadi and his own experiences under the invasion. From time to time he helps to produce and distribute video of life in Ramadi as well.

Hayder Fahed

Hayder worked on the award-winning “Dreams of Sparrows” before joining the Alive in Baghdad team, as well as working as a cameraman on a number of Iraqi films and as a TV cameraman in Baghdad.

Nabeel Kamal

Nabeel has nearly 10 years experience in television in Iraq and has worked for TV stations in Baghdad as a correspondent. Although he has minimal camera experience, learning primarily through exposure at various Iraqi TV stations, he went through Small World News’ training in Damascus this Spring and has been a quick study.

Rafat Jaiosy

Rafat is a Palestinian who lives in Jordan. He first worked with Alive in Baghdad in 2005, assisting with arranging and translating interviews with Iraqis living in Jordan.

He has continued this work and is assisting in translation with current production from Iraq.

Rafat also functions as a regional correspondent and recently returned from work interviewing Lebanese citizens who were affected by the Israeli war in Lebanon. He expects to continue working with Alive in Baghdad covering the impact of the Iraq war in the region.

Basheer Rasheed

Basheer is currently working part-time with Alive in Baghdad, and although he is our youngest staff member, he is an astute cameraman and is expanding his interview skills with each episode he produces. He has worked as a TV cameraman in Baghdad since the beginning of the American invasion of Iraq in 2003.

Isam Rasheed

Isam Rasheed was formally trained as an engineer before the recent war in Iraq. After the invasion he worked for a time as a translator and fixer with Channel 4 in the UK. This experience led him to give up a lucrative career as an engineer to become a journalist.

Through working with Alive in Baghdad, Isam hopes to help the world better understand the situation in Iraq. He has had formal training in video production in Scotland, as well as field experience shooting video around Baghdad since 2003.

Other Staff

Alive in Baghdad has been working with several other Iraqis part time, including Marwan Ghassan and Basheer Rasheed. These staff have only been part-time because of our financial circumstances. As Alive in Baghdad becomes more stable and sustainable, expect to see our Middle East Staff grow and we will expand our list of bios, so the public can better relate to our staff abroad.

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