Alive In Baghdad Journalists in Danger Despite Drop in Censorship

Journalists in Danger Despite Drop in Censorship - 02.23.2009

John Earl - 03/02/2009 21:50:05

I admire the courage and dedication of the editor being interviewed. The story didn’t say how his paper can survive financially when, as he says, so few people are actually able to read newspapers in Iraq. I would like to know what the circulation actually is and how he distributes it. Thanks!

Aaron Reese - 03/02/2009 23:07:21

Thank you for the amazing and informative video! I would like to quickly point out a small error in the subtitles. When he said “takfireen” it was translated as “infidels” when it reality it is closer to, perhaps “extreme religious groups” (those who call OTHERS infidels).


Hassan - 03/14/2009 15:42:05

The ending quote is extremely powerful. This is another one of your best videos AiB, may Allah (swt) help you to continue this excellent work.

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