Alive In Baghdad Who Would Iraq Elect, Obama or McCain?

Who Would Iraq Elect, Obama or McCain? - 11.03.2008

madtom - 11/03/2008 20:50:02

Well my first impression is that none of the Iraqis thought the elections were fixed, or that the results were preordained, which is something we used to hear a lot on the Iraqi bogs. People that hated democracy would always say that we were fooled into thinking our votes counted and that there were powers behind the curtain that actually picked the winners. Yet now so many years later no one thought that. What changed?

Have the anti democracy people lost the Iraqi public?

fog - 11/04/2008 15:46:41

what would be the change if Obama or McCain won, both will suck more oil out of Iraq anyway

Good Job guys!

openeyes - 11/19/2008 22:50:34

The disturbing thing is the Iraqis interviewed are more informed about our election and the canditates than many if not most of Americans who voted.

Nanette Ward - 07/23/2009 05:33:03


He would have been a wonderful honest man in Washington DC, which is very rare in this country. However, the ignorant populace of this country all watch senseless television shows - and Fox “News” - so they truly have no idea of what is going on the rest of the world.
My neighbor thought Cambodia was in Africa!

Dr Ron Paul is definitely a NO war candidate - and you saw how far he got.

God have mercy on us.

Nanette Ward - 07/23/2009 05:45:23

Where was Dr Ron Paul in your poll/discussions?
I am very sad and in fact disillusioned.

God have mercy on us

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