Alive In Baghdad After Siege, Wall Sadr City’s New Oppression

After Siege, Wall Sadr City’s New Oppression - 09.22.2008

Global Voices Online » Iraq: Look at the World - Where is peace? - 09/22/2008 18:49:59

[…] If you listen carefully to the news you may hear the odd glib comment about the concrete walls that have gone up around Baghdad. But, to truly understand the devastation these walls cause to the communities that are divided by them one must listen to the voices of the ordinary Iraqis. Which is exactly what Alive in Baghdad does. […]

Double-Take of the Week: “Clear and Hold” « Inspirations and Aspirations - 03/30/2009 08:11:06

[…] left standing surely outside the mainstream as the Kurds will be left standing outside the new walls of Baghdad — the precincts of the economic bailout, TARP, budget, federal reserve and re-regulation, can […]

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