Alive In Baghdad Al-Sahwa Mistakes in Adhamiya

Al-Sahwa Mistakes in Adhamiya - 07.28.2008

madtom - 08/07/2008 19:49:21

I don’t know, seems to me that having an accident disarming a car bomb, is a lot better than the car bomb being used as a weapon of choice.

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[…] However, some Sahwa Forces succeeded in protecting their areas while others did not. There have been some rumors spread about cooperation between the Sahwa forces and Al-Qaeda, in some areas of Baghdad. Some Iraqis began to be afraid of the Sahwa Forces due to some accidents happening in Baghdad such as kidnappings and robbery under the Sahwa protection. In some cases the lack of training of Sahwa Forces has also caused problems. […]

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[…] covering the accidental damage to a small (but crucial) medical clinic and pharmacy which occurred when the local militia called in the U.S. to take care of a series of car bombs that […]

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