Alive In Baghdad Displaced Iraqis Face Eviction

Displaced Iraqis Face Eviction - 06.16.2008

jacub - 06/16/2008 22:26:49

As you said the enlisted terrorist organization was established in 1965, but it was in Shah’s era not after the islamic revolutionand its objective was to overthrow of shah and american military officials and other american nationals in iran. To do that they killed some American colonels and staff of an American company in Iran i can’t remember their names. They also assisted in seizing american embassy in Iran
Eny way this teorist-known so-called organization is the one who has killed 16000 innocent Iranians during the first years of Iran after revolution and after being expelled from Iran by people, they became Saddam’s private army and confronted their own people in the war Saddam had imposed to Iran. They even have their blood stained hands in the massacre of kurds in Iraq as well as suppressing Shia’ats Intifada. The leaders in this cult don’t even fill pity on their own members while subjecting them to severe mental as well as phisical persecutions… As an active human rights NGO representing the families of terror victims in Iran, we have so far worked on the history of Rajavi’s cult and know what exactly happens inside camp Ashraf and how dissident members face harsh penalties and how the members are brainwashed and to what extent they are deprived of basic human rights. if you’d like me post you more detailed information about this group please email us at .You can also visit our website at
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