Alive In Baghdad In Syria, Gay Iraqis Seek New Life

In Syria, Gay Iraqis Seek New Life - 06.09.2008

Human rights, for everyone « Tina K. Russell - 06/10/2008 16:42:25

[…] — Tags: gay, human rights, iraq, transsexual, war, world — Tina Russell @ 1:42 pm Alive In Baghdad Maybe one of the of most difficult situations that an Iraqi could be in is to be gay, the Iraqi […]

Al GAMEA: The GLBT Association of Middle Eastern Americans » Blog Archive - 06/12/2008 10:49:43

[…] Originally Published 06/09/08 Alive In Baghdad […]

Beto - 09/09/2008 17:02:48

I would like to know how to help to ALIVE on this situation and help to myself. My beloved person live in Syria but want to come back to Iraq knowing how they treat, harrass and kill people like me. I said “like me” because he is a roller coaster to find himself in this to be glbt or not. he is struggling with himself, religion and country. Pleae let me now.

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