Alive In Baghdad Steps Backward: Women’s Rights in Iraq

Steps Backward: Women’s Rights in Iraq - 03.31.2008

Emad - 04/01/2008 00:01:40

a fatal mistake committed by the US is their reliance on people who do not believe in democracy like the Isamilc Revolutionary Council. it is impossible to enforce law and security by criminals coz simply he doen not fit in a normal society. most of these people are biased and were raised in religious institutions where prejudices and intolerance are fostered. besides, they enjoy ties to a pariah regime like the mullas of iran who are mired in a government-sponsored tirrorism. which is the worst type of terror.

the sequence was predicted. chaos.

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[…] Originally Posted by Republicant Are you talking about D- Day ?? Ok yes the D-day invasion was not necessary but it definitely ended the war quicker and it was definitely a very honorable task indeed . No not quite as honorable as creating a new Democracy and helping the oppressed females of the Mid East but an honorable task indeed that was worthy of our efforts and something all US Citizens should be very proud of no doubt about it . Damn. So the Iraq war was/is about helping the oppressed females now? Alive In Baghdad […]

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