Alive In Baghdad After Al-Qa’eda, Life Returns to Hawr Rajab

After Al-Qa’eda, Life Returns to Hawr Rajab - 03.24.2008

Tom - 03/25/2008 22:54:32

Thanks for the great footage and insight. Keep up the good work.

Sang Moon - 03/26/2008 13:36:01

I been away from this site for about a year, and it’s amazing what a change in the mood there is. It was nothing but doom and gloom because the USA won’t leave back then, and now there’s talk of life returning after Al Quaida leaves.

Norbert - 03/30/2008 13:57:08

Tailor, is that war is hard, that you have to endure much stress, and that criticize much that you haciendo.Tambien haceis is that everything that you can, and that you seldom welcome your work. The Arabs who are facing some of you are cowards and they lack balls to make war face to face, and have nothing to do because they are only a handful of insurgents, a few who do not manage to concencer most.

I saw some documentaries, as haceis roadblocks, I have seen the organizais, Tailor, this technique puts you at risk.

A soldier should always cover your partner, and have the suspect or enemy in his line of fire. If you have the weapon down, tardaras three seconds to make fire against an aggressor, so maybe they will kill you first because you missing tiepo of reaction.

You should never show at first friendly with someone for a check, although educated, but not friendly.

A control of a vehicle must have a person who is speaking, it is covered by two of your teammates, one covering your back, and the other covers the whole Around looking everywhere for the duration of the operation.

During the operation you must take advantage of any obstacle that may be useful to take cover quickly. Checks should not be made ever in long straight roads, but on curves because it is so surprising as the terrorist.

Three men remain at the entrance to the curve, and three other closes the curve, and in the middle are three others that are support for the identification, which have a closed system that will not be able to escape.

Regarding like approach a suspect vehicle, you need to know things like that since tenndria position easier you can shoot the driver, and thus using the dead angles of the vehicle to prevent having a line of fire at you.

Never sign approaching at a distance that is easy to dispararte. You must order which leaves the vehicle, put the hand on the head, not cross. You look in their eyes, silos devia there is a trap mounted. If carries sunglasses being a native place, be careful, that he does not see as tour eyes.

Look at the vehicle, if after getting off the occupants seemed highly charged by the back, which is something that could extallar carries.

You must order the driver to take his hands out of the window and keep visible, and open the door from the outside, never from within, and that is for all, the occupants.

This system is used by the Civil Guard of Spain against terrorists, and greatly reduces the victims.

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