Alive In Baghdad Solidarity Trumps Al-Qa’eda in Hawr Rajab

Solidarity Trumps Al-Qa’eda in Hawr Rajab - 03.17.2008

Alive In Baghdad - 03/24/2008 13:21:46

[…] Recently much of the media has focused either on the question of how long the “honeymoon” between Sunni fighters and the Coalition might last, or has provided a simplistic look at “brave Iraqis fighting the terrorists.” Nabeel Kamal provides another report taking a closer look at the hopes and struggles of the Iraqis themselves. To hear about how residents of Hawr Rajab and Iraqi Army soldiers worked together to secure the neighborhood, please check out last week’s episode. […]

Alive In Baghdad - 06/02/2008 08:46:46

[…] condition now in Baghdad appears to be much better than before. The Sahwa forces have helped with restoring security in some neighborhoods in and around Baghdad, and that helped the students improve the chance to go on with their studies. However there are […]

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