Alive In Baghdad Residents: Sadr City Raids Target Civilians

Residents: Sadr City Raids Target Civilians - 02.25.2008

Alt Sites - 03/11/2008 10:08:22

As an American, I am so very ashamed of the crimes perpetrated against innocent Iraqis by my government. Please know that these acts are not the will of all Americans, but by a collection of ill-informed thugs who enjoy violence, killing and mayhem. Kind and moral people wish only that justice, peace and long life find the people of Iraq and comfort them.

Ex Army Sgt. Beasley - 05/27/2008 00:11:38

Let me tell you something about Sadyr City. Yes there are innocents killed im sure…. there is in every war. But let me tell you this I was in iraq and of the 17 firefights that i was involved in 11 were in sadyr city. We were under strict no fire ROE unless fired apon. And you wanna listen to there Iraqi men speaking about their hardships. My friend of 2 years was shot right next to me in a street in sadyr city…. while we were handing out school supplies to the children. Now how is his wife and (then 3 month old baby) going to take care of themselvs. It makes me sick that all these Americans are so worried about the iraqi people and dont gicve a damn about the American men and women doing their job. And keep in mind the same 2 men you saw talking on the film….. they were probably shooting at your son or daughter the night before.

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