Alive In Baghdad Family Tells of Harrowing Kidnap

Family Tells of Harrowing Kidnap - 01.21.2008

Global Voices Online » Flagging at the Iraqi Blogodrome - 01/26/2008 20:18:00

[…] in Baghdad continues its essential role, bringing the story of an Iraqi family that had to deal with the kidnapping of their child. With the total breakdown of […]

Norm - 01/28/2008 01:23:15

I am glad that family found their son. I can’t imagine really living in that type of condition.

Alternative Video - 01/29/2008 03:23:27

I wish more Americans could see this to realise what horrors their government has wrought upon the people of Iraq. While this is one Iraqi family’s story with a happy ending, unfortunately there are countless untold atrocities that the world will never hear or see.

zaid - 02/21/2008 19:20:59

i am the father of the kidnap chaild omar . no one can fell like me and his mother feled . thanks to our god that he came back safe to us.

zaid - 02/21/2008 19:23:13

i am the father of the kidnaping child omar . no one can fell what me and his mother filed . thanks to our god tha he came back safe .

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