Alive In Baghdad A Letter from Ali Shafeya’s Sister

A Letter from Ali Shafeya’s Sister - 12.18.2007

Ann Harmless - 02/12/2008 13:32:41

my deepest regrets and most sincere apologies for the loss of your brother and for the loss of so many Iraqi lives. I am so outraged, saddened and uphauled at what my government is doing to your country.

Mim Golub - 04/15/2008 21:09:01

We keep Ali alive in our hearts.

Dolly B - 08/01/2008 20:39:31

Did Bush send his condolences yet

sarah - 03/05/2009 07:47:55

i am so sorry for peoples losses and i hope no-body else gets killed.
i dont get why this terrible thing has happend.

chloe and sarah

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