Alive In Baghdad Iraqi Refugees at Work in Syria

Iraqi Refugees at Work in Syria - 12.17.2007

Global Voices Online » Iraq: Iraqi Refugees in Syria - 12/17/2007 20:57:00

[…] in Baghdad highlights the plight of Iraqi refugees in Syria in this video. Share […]

Darren - 12/18/2007 03:25:00

Im so sad to hear the news :( I hope his family gets the support through donations.
Man has a lot to answer for.
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Ruth - 12/18/2007 08:35:09

Jodidos Iranies.. malditos musulmanes ojala vuelva la inquisición y os borre a todos del mapa, ANIMALES!!!

sergi - 12/18/2007 08:41:05

Descanse En Paz
Rest In Peace

Harlow - 12/18/2007 20:18:07

Rest in peace

annie - 12/19/2007 12:36:50

very sorry for the death of your comrade. may he rest in peace.

noticiasinsolitas - 12/19/2007 15:29:31

La Guardia Nacional Iraquí Asesina A Un Bloguero Por Sus Críticas Constantes…

El blog de Ali Shafeya Al-Moussawi, Alive in Baghdad, era muy leído, especialmente en Estados Unidos. Sus duras críticas contra la invasión estadounidense y a cómo ha sido la posguerra en Irak le han costado la vida.Todo sucedió al romper el a…

Susan - 12/19/2007 21:31:28

So very sorry this young man was killed. He had such a promising future, ripped away in a minute from a violent, stupid war.

sanfran - 12/19/2007 22:47:50

I’m so sorry to hear about yet another death. May he rest in peace.
Thanks you for giving Iraqis a voice. Words cannot express the shame and sorrow I feel for what my country has done to yours. Unfortunately, the U.S. media is hardly covering Iraq. That is why services like yours are so crucial.
It might seem like the American people are silent, but please know that a very large percentage of the population has always been opposed to the illegal invasion.

Peace to you. Please continue your courageous work.

Tim - 12/21/2007 10:00:57

I am saddened to hear about yet another unneeded death! You are correct sanfran the US media doesn’t cover Iraq unless it’s to show death and destruction because that it what they believe sells. I love seeing stories of real Iraqis trying to move on. I’d love to see a story of Iraqi citizens and the entire Muslim community (around the world for that matter) denouncing the violence perpetrated by extremist of their faith! Muslim is NOT a violent religion, yet that is what more than ½ the world believes about them because that is what they see everyday on TV! I am sick and tired of hearing people apologize for the US invasion of Iraq. Yes it wasn’t ‘sold’ to us for the right reasons but can you honestly think that the Iraqi people were better off under Saddam? If the average Iraqi would turn on those few extremists and stop hiding them (by not turn them in they are in essence helping them) the country could stabilize and the US could and would pull out! The average Iraqi would love nothing more than for this to all end right now. Well, the average American feels the exact same way! If the US pulled out of Iraq tomorrow what do you think would happen? Civil War, chaos, mass murder, and probably total devastation; their only hope now is to help us stabilize the country so we both can move forward! I will be praying for the innocent victims!

Bryan - 12/22/2007 22:01:59

Saw the POD on current TV. I hope this site will help both Ali Shafeya’s family and work live on. Thank you for your efforts in direct media. I hope that people take advantage of this easy source of information in a world flooded with lack there of.

Maria Dirce - 12/23/2007 11:08:32

Que tristeza acabar com a vida de um jovem de 23 anos po apenas falar em seu blog do que realmente esta acontecendo em seu país todo destroçado pela infamia da guerra!!
Abaixo o imperialismo e seus assassinatos!!!!!

Alive In Baghdad - 02/11/2008 12:54:45

[…] but also the corruption rampant in the process. We reported in December about the difficulties for Iraqi refugees in Syria looking for work, yet it is perhaps nearly as difficult for Iraqis still at home to find […]

Alive In Baghdad - 06/30/2008 08:21:04

[…] Baghdad/Adhamiya, Iraq - It became common in Baghdad that if a Sunni family lived in a Shia neighborhood they may be forced to leave and vice versa. Many families were forced by militias to leave their homes if they lived in a neighborhood that was predominantly made up of the other sect. Some of them lost a family member by the hands of militias which pushed them to leave their neighborhood or fled to a nearby country such as Syria or Jordan. […]

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