Alive In Baghdad Man Attacked by Militia & Iraqi Military

Man Attacked by Militia & Iraqi Military - 10.29.2007

SHARON LYNN - 10/31/2007 18:36:03

You are in my prayers! Thank you for showing the TRUTH!

MariesTwoCents - 11/02/2007 14:49:33

I sure would Love to see the good news stories coming from Iraq for a change

Oreana - 11/04/2007 13:52:44

This is the best site to find the truth about Iraq. Keep up the good work-I’m going to spread the word about this site!!

Walter - 11/04/2007 23:23:05

For the first time, I have been given information that I can believe!Thank you for putting up this site!!!

Ramon Gutt - 11/05/2007 06:32:06

Amazing site.

Mike Patton - 11/05/2007 12:03:10

The population in Iraq are under the same Stress, and Fear the people were under in South Viet Nam. The true difference is the North Vietnamese were true warriors in the same sence as our American troops were then as now. The enemy were trying to subdue and elimminating in Iraq, Packastan, and Iran are cowards and use their own people for shelter and camaflauge, our own meida to forcast their threats and spread fear. I say as a former US Marine 1968-70, get the Politics out of the lime-light, let our incountry troops do what we were sent to do and bring home our ideas leaving the needed mercinarys to end what the enemy started years ago.

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