Alive In Baghdad Iraqi Teens Work to Help Their Families

Iraqi Teens Work to Help Their Families - 10.15.2007

Global Voices Online » Iraq: Teens Work to Help Families - 10/16/2007 19:24:24

[…] in Baghdad brings us the latest from a war torn Iraq, where at least 50 per cent of the population are under the age of 18. […]

Global Voices ???????? » ??????? » ??????: ?????? ??????? ??????? - 10/17/2007 16:57:35

[…] ??? Alive in Baghdad [???????] ??? ??????? ?? ???? ???? ?? ?????, ??? 50% ?? […]

sjf’s blog » Blog Archive » HW 40: Response to a Podcast - 04/12/2008 14:37:17

[…] series “Alive In Baghdad”. It was published on October 15th, 2007 and can be found at . One of the people that appear in the podcast is Hussein Kamal, who is 15 years old and works in […]

1strong » HW 40: Iraq’s practical youth - 04/13/2008 17:11:53

[…] If you would like to view this podcast click the link below of the October 15, 2007 post. […]

Cara’s ITW BLOG » Blog Archive » HW 40: Just another day in a teen Iraqi - 04/13/2008 21:10:45

[…] After watching the podcast “Iraqi Teens Work to Help Their Families” 10/15/07, I have learned more about Iraqi lifestyle. This podcast shows the viewers how young teens, ages 13 to 15, working with their families in long shifts, making paintings and furniture. The teens were interviewed and asked to discuss about their working lifestyles and how they have been dealing with the war. One of the teens, Hussein Kamal was interviewed in a plain looking building where he paints furniture for is father. Because the road conditions are so bad it takes him twice as long to get to work then it should, he explained. Some of the other interviews seemed to be taken in places that looked very run down, where I personally would never want to work in. In these interviews the viewer is able to learn about the daily lives of kids in Iraq and what they have to do in order to help their family survive. I could never imagine working at these ages hard labor. An image of seeing the young teens working so hard at a such a young age is something you do not see everday, here you would see them playing video games or out with their friends. […]

JHS-Blog » HW40: Teens + Work in Baghdad - 04/13/2008 21:47:28

[…] chose to review “Iraqi Teens Work To Help Their Families” which was published on 10/15/07 and can be found on the “Alive in Baghdad” […]

coyyyFish » Blog Archive » HW40: Teen Boys Working in Iraq - 04/14/2008 00:11:10

[…] The episode that I chose to watch was Iraqi Teens Work to Help Their Families. This episode is the series called Alive In Baghdad. It was published on October 15, 2007. This podcast was about how Iraqi teens work to help their families. It features three different Iraqi teen boys. One of the boys is fourteen years old and in sixth grade. He works for his father and uncle as a carpenter. He has been working since he was a child. He builds and paints furniture. The scenery is pretty plain. It was filmed primarily outside. Everything seems to looks gray. After watching this podcast a viewer might learn about the current condition in Iraq. Also, what it is like to be growing up in present day Iraq. The difficulties with safety and finances. The podcasts is along the same lines as other videos I have seen about present day Iraq. One thing that really stuck out to me in the podcast was when the teens talked about the safety issue that they face on a daily basis. […]

emilicious » HW40: Responding to podcast - 04/14/2008 00:30:44

[…] watched “Iraqi Teens Work to Help their Families” from Alive in Baghdad 10/15/07 The podcast was about a few different teens that work to help their families. It said that 50% of […]

hanna’s blog | HW 40: Response to Podcast “Iraqi Teens Work to Help Their Families” - 04/14/2008 00:38:11

[…] more effective steps can be taken to help these people.  The podcast can be viewed by visiting  Check it out, you’ll be glad you […]

my super blog » HW 40: Respond to a Podcast - 04/14/2008 14:39:36

[…] this was published was October 15th, 2007.  The link where readers can view this podcast is called  In this video it talks about how young children in Baghdad help their families make money.  […]

M Blog » HW:40 Iraqi kids try to help their parents out - 04/14/2008 18:26:59

[…] […]

Get Hype » Blog Archive » HW:40 Respond to a Podcast - 04/14/2008 18:56:19

[…] “Iraqi Teens Work to Help Their Families” 10/15/07 This podcast is a part of the series of Alive in Baghdad . You can find this podcast by the link provided. […]

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[…] […]

My Blog!!!! » Blog Archive » HW: 40, Live in Baghdad - 04/14/2008 21:50:06

[…] “Iraqi Teens Work to Help Their Families” 10/15/2007 […]

HW 40: Young Nature of Iraq : Lifelong Chapstick User - 04/14/2008 23:44:51

[…] […]

Klynn’s blog » Blog Archive » HW 40: Responding to a Podcast, how Iraqi boys help their families. - 04/29/2008 19:53:18

[…] […]

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