Alive In Baghdad Alive in Baghdad is Broke, *OR* <p>No, I’m Not Going to Podcast & New Media Expo

Alive in Baghdad is Broke, *OR*

No, I’m Not Going to Podcast & New Media Expo - 09.25.2007

madtom - 09/25/2007 19:35:07

What a shame!

Unfortunately if it’s not porno, it’s not profitable.

Alive In Baghdad - 10/01/2007 08:01:22

[…] our viewers to make one-time or ongoing subscription payments to support us. Without your donation, we may have to close our doors. comments(0) Home | Blog | Video Archive | About | Donate | Contact | Subscribe […] · why is funding good stuff so hard? - 10/01/2007 11:40:24

[…] reading about Alive in Baghdad’s funding woes. They are a news video service, that gets close to issues no one one in big media […]

chinup - 10/18/2007 12:20:52

Lens on Lebanon is a good sample of an alternative business model and effective way to get stories out. It started as a simple blog during the war in Lebanon but has grown through the hard work of volunteers. People do care, maybe not enough but these are just more ways to keep them informed to invoke change. Chin up, keep doing the good work and thinking outside the western media box.

Award-winning news source “Alive in Baghdad” in financial trouble at karmalised - 10/24/2007 14:24:45

[…] Alive in Baghdad, is broke. Brian Conley, one of the project’s two US-based managers, has been told repeatedly by prospective sponsors and advertisers that the reporting is “too much of a […]

brian adams - 10/31/2007 21:32:39

I intend on making a regular monthly
payment as soon as I can get paypal to take it out of my credit card and not my checking account as I am rarely home to make the deposits. I think this is a very innovative way of presenting the news.

Brian Shelton - 11/04/2007 23:39:58

I saw this site on fox news the other day and was under the impresion that it had material promoting the progress that is being made….what i have read so far is no different then the bias i see in the liberal media everyday. Please talk about the decrease in civilian and military deaths over the past few months and how we should all hope and pray that it continues so the Iraqi people can become the proud citizens of what I hope will be one of the next great countries in the world. The U.S. military personel and the brave Iraqi military and police need to get there much deserved praise for there sacrafice.

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