Alive In Baghdad An In-Depth Look at the Wall in Adhamiya

An In-Depth Look at the Wall in Adhamiya - 09.24.2007

Dayngr - 09/25/2007 19:51:53

Have you thought about allowing for advertisers to kep with the cash flow?

Nadia - 09/26/2007 14:30:04

have you thought of using yourtube/google video as a host or would that not make enough of a difference?

Asim - 10/04/2007 21:21:38

Please fix this link as this story was already done.

Alive In Baghdad - 10/08/2007 08:02:09

[…] neighborhood, and houses many Iraqis who are tired of the fighting and violence. The impact of the construction of a wall separating Adhamiya from the rest of Baghdad, the violent home searches, and now the apparently accidental destruction of buildings housing […]

IaaC blog » Blog Archive » “subtopia – a field guide to military urbanism” - 10/11/2007 16:39:53

[…] Separating walls, either temporary or permanent, which have been constructed so as to secure an area (London 2012 Olympic site), but finally they become borders which create cities in the cities. (Adhamiya, Baghdad). […]

Alive In Baghdad - 02/04/2008 10:16:17

[…] Similar demonstrations occurred in Adhamiya previous to the construction of the wall in Ghazaliya, as we have shown previously. Today the walls still stand, and it is unclear when or if they will be removed. Although Baghdad […]

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