Alive In Baghdad The Iraq Surge - When is All of This Going to End?

The Iraq Surge - When is All of This Going to End? - 09.06.2007

jim - 11/01/2007 00:53:12

I think that all Americans would like for the Iraqi’s to take the lead, and start treating all of these militias like we did the mafia. Manhandle them until they become marginalized, and make them hide. Also, if you don’t separate mosque and state you will not succeed. You need to keep the underlying moral values in your constitution that reflect your culture. We have a clear directive of this separation in our constitution, but our country was built on protestant, christian, and views from where we came from. Some liberal people are trying to remove this from our courthouses, our money, and even our burial rights of veterans who fought for our country. The majority of Americans will always reject this because deep at heart we know that our religion was what got us through a revolution, a civil war ( Both Sides) and two world wars. Religion is the moral code that picks up where societal laws leave off. That is the purpose of religion…that and believing in a higher being, and reflection. We don’t know how the “surge” will help. We only know we are waiting for you to be as proud of your country as we are…and that will solve it all.

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