Alive In Baghdad Iraq Journalist Killed in Heavy Traffic

Iraq Journalist Killed in Heavy Traffic - 08.13.2007

Mary L. Erevia - 08/15/2007 18:47:26

I am very pleased to have heard of this website on NPR. I want to be informed so that I can know and speak out with the truth and with facts.

Global Voices Online » Iraq: Journalist Murder Mystery - 08/17/2007 14:07:24

[…] in Baghdad narrates how an Iraqi journalist — Suhad Shakir — was shot dead in her car while driving and how […]

ghassan al moussawi - 12/24/2007 09:07:04

she is dead now nomatter who killed her. she left leaving sorrow with family. Iraqis lives are the cheapest to be wasted by others. i feel insulted

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