Alive In Baghdad Repairing Services in Iraq and Adhamiya

Repairing Services in Iraq and Adhamiya - 08.06.2007

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Repairing Services in Iraq and Adhamiya « Report on Positivity - 08/10/2007 10:01:57

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Peace4All - 08/12/2007 13:46:19

Open Letter to Terrorist
Terrorist will strike again to kill and destroy. These are hourly reports on news stations from leading government officials in the USA. The reports make clear this is not just an alert that it could happen but that it is just a matter of time and it will happen. What are the viewing public to actually do with this information? Be more alert and observant when something seems out of the normal and report it immediately. This is basically one of the only things a normal citizen can do. This attempt is another to try to get to the eyes of the right people, the terrorists.
What good has come of these random killings and terror? What good will this do you? If you are mad or hate a government, there are better ways to get attention and action in your favor. You are not alone many people disagree with their own government and through public opinion change the government for one better to hear the people. The old days of forcing people to do your will when in charge of a government is over. The people now decide what kind of laws and government they want. This is the modern day educated way of doing things and time cannot go backwards. This open letter is an attempt to honorably communicate with you with common sense from one person to another. No government involved just simple people that want everyone including you to have a better peaceful world. I am here to remind you that the highest principle that of God wants no killing but love for all people. You cannot separate yourself from all of Godís creation, you and I are here by the hand of God and all God created needs to be respected and honored.
If you state that you are to kill the infidel, then who is the infidel. The word infidel means one with no God. Here in the USA our country was founded with God as the highest principle and power. It was founded so all people no matter how they worship can worship God freely with no government to stop them. In the HoLy Quran it teaches Jesus is a messenger from God. Would you kill and murder innocent followers of the prophet Jesus? Those that believe in one God and are not infidels. I am calling for you to think and use common sense before any harm is done that you really donít want to happen.
There are so many ways in the modern times that you can access the world. Iran seems to be doing this by broadcasting through a massive media network, you could too. We want to find out in a civilized way how you think and feel so there will never be a need to murder, bomb, and threaten again in the world.
Let us get on to what we were put here by God to do. This is to take care of everything God created. Feed the hungry, educate all people, find cures for all diseases, and safeguard the environment. Creating beauty so all can enjoy a better world in a peaceful healthy way. Is this not the better goals for all people? I ask and call for all religious leaders especially in the Middle East to come to the USA in peace for a summit to bring the will of God, that of love and understanding and peace to all people.

Angry - 09/20/2007 09:58:05

ahahahahahahahaha… you’re not serious are you? ahahahaha.

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