Alive In Baghdad Palestinians in Iraqi No Man’s Land; Part 1

Palestinians in Iraqi No Man’s Land; Part 1 - 07.16.2007

Global Voices Online » Iraq: Forgotten Plight of Palestinians - 07/16/2007 11:00:01

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The Heretical Jew - 07/22/2007 17:46:41

Great piece as usual.

It sickens me when I see the conditions under which the Palestinians live scattered over the world.

The Jews came to Palestine to build a home, and in the process they forced the Palestinians into the same type of DP camps that they were after WWII. Are Jews any better, that the Palestinians must suffer for their benefit? I think not!

Samson Jenkins - 07/26/2007 12:44:38

Great Video. We don’t get to hear these stories from the mass media. Thanks for sharing.

Igor - 09/08/2007 13:41:18

The people at Al-Waleed need help, and we must not fail them. Just as falashmura were flown out of Ethiopia, so must we rescue these people from this wasteland.

mike renoe - 10/31/2007 19:38:57

I served in this area, have been to Al-waleed, and have been to refugee camps along the boarder with Jordan. I am curious about the comment pertaining to Palestinians missing on the behalf of U.S. soldiers. Never seen anything likes that, but I did help deliver food, tents, and helped out with security while escorting a T.V. crew.

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