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The Sadr Movement in Syria and Iraq - 07.02.2007

University Update - Iraq - The Sadr Movement in Syria and Iraq - 07/02/2007 10:58:28

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Aseel - 07/02/2007 11:56:18

what a laiers , every body know they r the killers of the arab iraqies and now they say they protect iraqes ,, pleas,, u protect thess neborhood from boming becouse your the bomers thats why !!!

Chicana Feliz - 07/04/2007 06:30:35

Ok, this information sounds logical, but I still don’t understand, the guy speaking in the video sounds like he’s programmed. I’d like to ask this guy how do women fit in the revolutionary movement? I’d like to know if he is pro-abortion, what kind of ideology does he or people who follow him have? Do people give up their choice to think in order to have services and security?
Things must be really bad over there if one is to give up their ideologies regarding civil rights, human rights, and women’s rights just to have some oil to drive to work, or in this case, security?
Which I’m not undermining as unimportant, but I think I would rather die than not have civil liberties as a woman under islamic rule.

Philip Davies - 07/04/2007 12:57:05

Chicana you like your president are one and the same “STUPID” and heres why…
You talk about PRO-ABORTION and CIVIL LIBERTIES for a start those two cannot go together what about THE CIVIL LIBERTIES of a HUMAN FETUS ?
Secondly your country has imposed its will on other countrys that is why the situation in iraq is so bad the american forces in iraq are nothing but MURDERERS LOOTERS TOURTURES THIEVES who deserve nothing but DEATH.
Thirdly your country has been using DEPLEATED URAIUM ( u238) on the iraqi people for 16 years its half life is 45000000 years (4.5 billion years)the dust breathed in will cause cancer birth defects and death for even longer than its half life.SO WHERES THE CIVIL LIBERIES , HUMAN RIGHTS in such actions ?
I could go on all night but whats the point looking at what you have posted draws me to one conclusion YOU ARE A SILLY LITTLE GIRL WHO LIKE HER PRESIDENT HAS NO RESPECT FOR THE IRAQI PEOPLE AND SUCKS UP AMERICAN PROPAGANDA AT A RATE ONLY A STUPID AMERICAN CAN.

ZeWombat - 07/05/2007 12:00:38

The Mahdi army claims that they provided security and services to desperate Iraqi’s. Since they have been fighting tooth and nail to destroy the ability of the govt or the Americans to provide those services, I see no reason for them to brag about their woefully inadequate substitutions for an real coalition govt. They have merely stepped into a vacuum that they themselves have created through violence and murder, and are now patting themselves on the back for being such humanitarian princes.

JTC - 07/05/2007 13:32:21

I too think that the gentleman in the video looks, sounds programmed. I find it interesting that he’s not actually in Iraq serving the poor, war-weary folks in the homeland. Surely they need the most assistance. When questioned by the reporter on this, he appeared evasive and stated he would go to China if asked. China??? Is he not welcome in Iraq? Is he wanted by the Americans? Is he a coward?

Alex P - 07/05/2007 13:41:12

I hate it when people say “your country” because its like the people they say that to represent the whole nation, which is nothing but simple minded generalizations. I hate all politics and politicians. The reason its gotten so bad is due to the ignorance and propaganda of many on both sides of the conflict. Saying American troops are murderers etc. can easily be applied to the Iraqi militant forces there. Both sides are too stubborn to have any meaningful progress.
That Uranium stuff is crap, the US has been doing that to its own citizens for 50 or more years. What do you think happens to the people who live next to nuclear plants? Propaganda has caused each side to think they are the ultimate good and the other side is the ultimate evil and this will only result in violence, death, and destruction on both sides.

visitor - 07/05/2007 14:43:08

I think that the american’s should pull all soldiers out of every country. Pull all forms of support, aid and money out of every country that we possibly can. Not stop doing business, but I am talking foreign aid. I wonder how much of this crap about us being murderous looters would we hear then? It would all be about crying “PLEASE COME BACK”.

Daniel - 07/05/2007 18:14:45

Wow Philip Davies, you really come across as the calm and reasoned on. I wish I could decipher your points better from between your obnoxious caps-locked hissy fit.

adam - 07/07/2007 20:08:21

Brennus_BC - 07/07/2007 23:51:01

I trully hope the coalition parties in Iraq are driven out, whether by domestic politics or other means. Something people may forget is that if the plan of the Americans succeeds (whatever that is?) it could have a major impact on the culture of the Iraqi people. The western world is fixated on the separation of the state from the church - this does not seem to be the case in Iraq. If America succeeds it will not be long before foreign businesses and lifestyles will flood in causing the loss of traditional cultures. I think the world has seen enough of this, particularly in the recent past with the advent of hyper-globalisation - lets at least hope some people can keep their traditional ways of living intact - America stop interferring.

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