Alive In Baghdad Arrests of Iraqi Women Provoke Protest

Arrests of Iraqi Women Provoke Protest - 06.25.2007

Global Voices Online » Iraq: Women's Arrests Spark Protest - 06/25/2007 14:33:16

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True Blue Liberal » Arrests of Iraqi Women Provoke Protest - 06/26/2007 15:25:25

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Daniel - 06/27/2007 07:00:28

Why do they always have to threaten bloodshed at a protest. Why is there no American representative having meetings with them to defuse the situation. When are we going to learn how to speak and peacefully resolve our problems. I would like to see an outgoing person who does not have an aggressive message.

Visitor - 06/27/2007 14:02:32

Where were these protestors when sadam and his thugs used to violate Iraqi women on daily basis?

colleen - 06/28/2007 00:34:12

We should release women held, it really aggravates the Iraqis, think of the propaganda that must go around about what they think we are doing to their women. They have seen Abu Ghraib so imagine what they must think we are doing their women, it cuts more deeply than what was done to the men.

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visitor - 06/28/2007 18:34:47

I agree with the first visitor. It’s really lame to report on how the US is harming the Iraqi people. This is an area that is being rebuilt and you can’t expect the situation to be all rosey. How about roporting on Darfur or some place that is not undergoing reconstruction? When I see stuff like this, I automatically catorigorize it as political anti-US propaganda. The bottom line is that there are places around the world that are in much worse living environments that should be reported on. I’m not for the war in Iraq, but neither am I for pointing out every error that the US is making. Also, it should be known that Iraqis are given cameras and are doing the video shooting. This may not be a big deal to everyone, but I doubt that there isn’t a LITTLE bias on their part as they interview people. I understand that there probably isn’t an easier way to do this, but to overlook this would be a mistake….my $.02

adam - 06/29/2007 23:00:44

visitor, how is it, in your words, “lame to report on how the US is hurting the Iraqi people”? You claim to be against the war. How can you reconcile these two opinions? It seems that the primary reason for being against the war is usually that one does not want the US government to hurt the Iraqi people. Do you have a more important reason?

You say there are “many” places around the world that are in “much worse living environments”. Please name some. It is certainly arguable that Sudan is “more” of a failed state than Iraq, but I’m wondering what are the other regions or states to which you are referring.

Regarding “bias”: This seems a strange problem with the website, but also with journalism in general. Is there a journalism that AIB should aspire to that is somehow truly objective? This is like criticizing someone’s blog for being too self-centered. Likewise, it’s like asking Time Warner to act against its corporate interests. How would you seek to make a project like this more objective?

Saddam - 07/16/2007 13:22:56

Great. Another wonderful website proclaiming the evil of America. America is against Islam. America hates Allah. Blah, blah, blah.

I’m sure you think you’re doing “important” work. You should be quite proud of yourself.

Nisreen Ezzat - 09/03/2007 02:10:54

Women and children are always the first to suffer in times of war. If Americans are detaining women, then they have truly failed their so called mission in Iraq. This is the beginning of the end. Did they find Weapons of mass destruction? The Answer is: NO. They only found helpless women to detain and imprison. I was told by an American lady when this war started that America is at war in Iraq to free the people of Iraq. Well! I wish she could face me now!

skeptic - 10/31/2007 21:57:36

Since Muslims have a very low opinion of women (they are chattel) why is what Americans or insurgents do to them all of a sudden so important? Is this a way for the liberals in America to make another strike at the Coalition Forces?

surj1936 - 12/19/2007 17:30:30

It is unfortunate that women and children always suffered in times of war or any major conflict. One thing Americans are not doing which Muslims would have done is to take women and children as booty, that is exactly what Muslim/Arabs are doing to African women and children in Darfur, Sudan. Because that comes from their Quran,Sura8:41″And know that any thing you obtain of war booty. Then indeed,for Allah is one fifth of it and the Messenger and for(his) near relatives and the orphans, the needy and the (stranded)traveler, if you believed in Allah and in that which We Send down to our servant on the day of criterion, the day when the two armies met. And Allah , over all things, is competent.log on

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