Alive In Baghdad Sectarian Violence is a Daily Experience

Sectarian Violence is a Daily Experience - 06.18.2007

Global Voices Online » Iraq: Difficult Reconciliation - 06/19/2007 08:51:21

[…] increasing sectarian violence in Iraq, Alive in Baghdad concludes: it’s difficult to see how reconciliation between Iraqis can be possible in the short-term. […]

True Blue Liberal » Sectarian Violence is a Daily Experience - 06/20/2007 14:21:35

[…] Watch Video […]

The Heretical Jew - 06/22/2007 20:00:11

A very powerfull video. Keep up the good work. The woman in the video is right. What is their crime? Are they all not Muslim? The children of Muhammad need to stop killing eachother and focus their attention of the occupiers of their land.

mel - 06/24/2007 08:05:31

Do you think that if the situations were reversed, that it would be any different? That does not justify US presence in this country, however. Bush Jr is a fool and his arrogance knows no bounds. Can we just leave? What happens when we do? Will it be even worse? Nobody wants to talk about it. We should ask the general citizenry of the country–my guess is that they are the people in the best position to know whether this is feasible.

Nesreen - 07/02/2007 08:36:06

The Heretical Jew

Many thousands of Mercenaries are in iraq , many Mossad are also loose in iraq , the idea is to attack A And B and watch them blame each other and retaliate . many So called suicide missions were bogus and many talk about remote control missions . (Phonenix Program in Vietnam ?? Death Squads in Honduras , Nicargua ?
why , to destroy Iraq like the Israeli have always wanted and divide it on ethnic basis , and Justify a longer stay in iraq . right now there is no security and America will stay as long as things are messy .

K - 07/09/2007 18:20:47

You sound ridiculous. I’m not going to try to soften that by saying “no offense” or “in all do respect” I don’t respect your propaganda against Israel. Do you really believe what you are saying? Or are you just repeating the same old tired load of hate you’ve had drummed into your head all your life? I am not a Jew but I am so sick and tired of everyone blaming them for all the worlds woe’s. Come on now, think for yourself.

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