Alive In Baghdad Baghdad Refugees Flee to Kurdistan

Baghdad Refugees Flee to Kurdistan - 05.27.2007

james - 05/29/2007 04:54:32

great report on Arbil. Despite the incredible difficulties for people living in bagdad and surrounding unsafe regions its a small relief to see some peace in the country. I’m curious as to just how the kurdish parts of the country keep out militias and arms, spies and other destabalizing elements. Also curious how they are doing regarding the obvious hatered of kurds by turkey and iran…..

FedUpVoter - 06/03/2007 15:13:10

I lived in Teheran, Iran, for 18 months from Aug. 1958 to Feb. 1960. I made friends and liked the city and the people. Now I hear about all the horrible things happening in Iraq, and hopefully the US’s “Great Decider” King Bush won’t invade Iran, to make it even more horrible there. I feel so sorry for the civilians in Iraq—trying to live and raise children with a war raging around them. I try to imagine however they manage.
I pray for peace in the world every day, for the armed forces and the world. I HATE war and the starters of wars. I think that if politicians want to declare war, THEY SHOULD BE MADE TO FIGHT IT!!
Bush stole two elections and forced the war in Iraq onto the American people and now he’s trying to (and succeeding in some ways) to take away our freedoms.
Many Americans are fed up with him, but because he doesn’t think our laws pertain to him, he keeps doing what is illegal and the people that are supposed to keep a check on him and his actions are just a bunch of cowards.
The Democrats were given the control so he could be controled are cowards. They posture and make noises, but then they back down!
Bush invaded the wrong country!!

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