Alive In Baghdad Challenges at a Girls School in Baghdad

Challenges at a Girls School in Baghdad - 05.21.2007

True Blue Liberal » Challenges at a Girls School in Baghdad - 05/22/2007 19:19:40

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Rupert - 05/25/2007 20:49:54

Another great, great film on an important subject. Don’t underestimate the strength of your filmmaking and the importance of what you’re doing.

I saw some short 3 minute films on Channel 4 in the UK this week about Israel and Palestine - one of which was about a girl going to school. Still stuck in an old-fashioned mode of how to go about making this kind of stuff, the films were nowhere near as good or powerful as what you do.

I wonder if you can’t raise more cash by getting your films to people like Channel 4 without giving away your rights. Channel 4 budget $6,000 per film for their regular nightly post-news prime-time 3 minute short film slot.

Keep it up, and while i’m pleased that you’re expanding, please don’t forget that you’re doing it right *now* and beware too much production value expansion interfering with your style of doing things :)

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[…] Alive in Baghdad covers the challenges facing a Girl’s school in Adhamiya, […]

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[…] The episode I am reviewing is called “Challenges at a Girls School in Baghdad”.  I am viewing it on “AliveinBaghdad”, a website that provides firsthand accounts of issues in Iraq.  It was posted 5/21/2007.  If you want to see it as well, you can find it at […]

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