Alive In Baghdad A New Report From Baghdad

A New Report From Baghdad - 04.30.2007

sheila pithan - 05/03/2007 11:18:39

In your opinion, how Iraq people could finish with this war Shiite and Sunni, how could they work together to reestablish the peace in Iraq? It never will happen?
Because I understood that the “excuse” to Americans permanent in Iraq it’s the civil war…
Sorry my English and my ignorance, I’m Brazilian and I really wish the peace for you.

sheila pithan - 05/03/2007 11:24:38

About this work… i think its very important to the World understand the Iraqis version of the reality there.

Maria - 05/05/2007 12:11:32

I’ve been following the posts from
Alive in Baghdad and am always so overwhelmed by the information being related in them. I always want to respond with “I’m sorry,” or “peace be with you” or “I’m so ashamed of my country,” but I feel these words are wholly inadequate in response to the suffering that you are going through. I think a lot of people who are reading these blogs and watching these videos feel this way. It is too mind bending to consider what our actions and inaction in Iraq have caused the people of your country. It is a living hell. And what makes it worse is that the vast majority of people in America are not even thinking about Iraq in terms of the suffering that our occupation has caused the people of Iraq. Usually the language of war in the US is focused on the suffering that our soldiers are undergoing. May God forgive us of this unforgivable sin. And may God save the people of Iraq.

Victoria - 05/15/2007 09:44:03

Reading this post also causes me to feel ashamed. I’m not ashamed to be an American, but I am ashamed of our country for our part in what’s now going on in Iraq. I’m also ashamed of how the US Government is treating our soldiers when they return from Iraq. I never once voted for Bush, but he’s just as much my president as he is for the person who did vote for him. I got a bad feeling about him from day one, and while his speeches got “prettier” the man never improved in character as far as I’m concerned. The Democrats now are being stupid. They want to pull our soldiers from Iraq by September. I felt that was foolish before I read what I did today. September is too soon. When is the right time to send American soldiers home? When Iraqi people can sleep at night. When they have the modern conveniences that are actually a necessity for daily living. When they don’t have to worry about making it home from work alive. President Bush made a promise, not only to Iraqi’s, but to Americans, that we were going over to Iraq to “save” the people of Iraq, to bring democracy and peace. That hasn’t happened yet and I worry if it will ever happen. I had even heard that the Iraqi politicians were talking of a three month break (vacation) come July. Having read this post today, it sickens me to think that they could consider a vacation when these things are going on to the people they represent.
I don’t think that we as Americans should be ashamed to feel for our soldiers, and to want them home. But, we cannot feel this compassion for our soldiers at the expense of innocent Iraqi people who have to suffer these injustices on a daily basis. My heart goes out to all the people that have been directly affected by this and I pray that God will deliver all of us from this nightmare.

Carol Lake Wales Fl USA - 05/16/2007 01:48:09

I am one person who is sorry for what I have seen done to the people on this video. Please dont hate all of us and many are trying to stop this insanity. When will they realize that democracy as we know it in the west and Islam are not compatable. We need to allow freedom for the Iraqi people to form a government they are happy with. Not one we sign off on.

Mike H - 05/16/2007 14:19:17

Thank you for your excellent work. You are doing an excellent job of explaining and exposing this disaster of an invasion.

Gabriel - 06/16/2007 14:17:49

My name is Gabriel. I am currently studying journalism in Argentina. I would like to congratulate you for your job.
I ´d also like to recive news of any actualizations done on the blog.

Eva - 06/26/2007 09:30:21

No words express the emotions of my heart. I pray for this nightmare to end.

omar - 07/30/2007 09:28:50

Thank you so much for all of you ….

Mark - 08/28/2007 11:09:28

Why wasn’t there ‘Small World’ reporters from Temple in iraqi doing these reports during the Hussein regime? I’ll tell you why? Because they would have been found in a dumpster in Rhamadi with their heads missing, that’s why. Is life in Iraqi horrible for its people right now? Of Course. Does my heart go out to them? Of Course. Who is causing the infrstructure problems? The Americans? Bull - it’s the insurgents. There are plenty of people in that country that would love to rebuild the power grid and the water treatment plants…the problem is the insurgents blowing every GD thing up, including these service related buildings and plants. Why don’t you report on the insrugents? Why don’t you show video of the disaster they are causing by prolonging the death and distruction of this war? where is the counter-balance on the reporting scale in all of this? Ridiculous.

Jason (Canada) - 08/28/2007 22:52:16

To Mark who just posted…this IS the counter-balance if you ask me. All we get in our media is what the bad guys (rebels/foreign fighters) are doing bad, and what the good guys (US/UK) are doing good. But we aren’t directly exposed to this reality enough.

Provided that these are accurate and honest accounts, without an agenda other than to expose the truth we never hear or see…keep it up!

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