Alive In Baghdad An Iraqi Fighter Reflects on Saddam Hussein

An Iraqi Fighter Reflects on Saddam Hussein - 04.30.2007

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Treasure of Baghdad - 05/01/2007 15:56:40

Well, this “resistance” fighter has no idea of what a civilized society is. He believes in his gun and that’s it. His words were nothing but lies. It’s funny how he said the security plan failed by the time the US helicopter was hovering over his rotten head.

These are the ones who were in power under Saddam. They hate seeing a prosperous Iraq under a democratic rule. They are nothing but monsters who don’t believe in a civilized society. I am glad he and many many others like him are being killed because they are disgrace to Iraq. Resistance, my A**. I wonder what will the widow who lost her husband in “resistance” fighting say when she sees him, or the orphan who lost his/her father in such “resistance” say!! Alas! Iraq is gone and became a haven for such criminals who enjoy the slaughter and the death of their own people. But I am not surprised. They slaughtered them under Saddam and now they are continuing what they already started. What a shame!

Nico - 05/02/2007 07:18:03

I don’t think executing people is the right method to fight terrorism, crime - execution is never right. So how can Abu Muhammad believe executing Saddam was wrong and the execution of others is right?
What surprised me, is that he doesn’t seem to hate all americans, which proves that he’s not just one of these fanatic religious leaders that consider America itself as kind of “evil”.

But “resistance” doesn’t justify killing non-combatant civilians, which still happens too frequently in Iraq.

Alison - 05/02/2007 11:12:37

What is objectionable or irresponsible about the content of this video? The speaker comes across as very moderate and restrained. I agree with almost everything he said, including what he said about President Saddam. As for you, Treasure of Baghdad, how much is the CIA paying you? It is people like you who are a disgrace to Iraq.

brent - 05/03/2007 04:23:08

Hmmmm.. it’s weird that TofB talks all these crimes and effects of the IAI, yet when I look from an outsider view most of that is Americans who invaded on lies. They preach about their democratic system being the thang, but it hasnt brought much visible results than turn Iraqi against Iraqi with much death and destruction.

NO.. sorry.. Go IAI & fight for your freedom(from a Christian!).

God bless you..

LOL.. America IS a heavily infested EVIL system out to dominate the world(how can a wong war exist for soooooo F long!)

Victims are kept silent, but survivors talk.. Thank you for this vid(I enjoyed).

Daniel Winter - 05/03/2007 08:27:05

I think this was one of the best videos yet - a real insight into the alternative argument. Unfortunately, we can’t deduce from it to what extent he speaks the truth and to what extent our governments have lied or covered things up.

Still, I think having someone put the video into context and ‘present’ it (with cultural and historical explainations) was really good, it should be done more often.

Keep up the fantastic work.


Darren Chabluk - 05/03/2007 14:21:54

Got to love a good video blog! Nice, Brian I left a message on your answering machine…

Andy Coon - 05/06/2007 13:48:01

Great work, I’m glad you took some time to give us some historical perspective about Iraq.

Thank you for showing this video. It is important to hear why they fight and their view about the occupation and Saddam.

I think the hardest thing for the American public to think about is how we would feel if someone came into our country and try to fix things disrupting the way of life.

Justin - 05/06/2007 21:49:39

I completely understand where this man is coming from….

Nadia - 05/09/2007 16:02:43

treasure of baghdad risked his life as a journalist to tell the world what was happening to his country under american occupation untill he had to leave. thanks alison, way to confirm that the “left” in your country is capable of being as paranoid, braindead and fascistic as the right.

Daniel - 05/11/2007 07:28:09

A simple challenge to all the Insurgents of Iraq that claim like this one that they are fighting to free Iraq from the US. Give Iraq 12 weeks of peace and stage peaceful protests demanding the Americans to leave. Watch them go from the country.

In fact it would probably succeed if just spent 12 weeks without killing other Iraqis. You could continue fighting the US soldiers and they almost certainly still leave.

It IS that simple.

Dave - 05/18/2007 11:16:55

How about putting on a freakin uniform and fighting, instead of hiding behind the masks and women and children. STOP BEING COWARDS! If you want to fight lets get it on!!!

lelly - 05/19/2007 16:20:24

Holy crap. This is dangerous and sad. You can see how propaganda has been put to work on both sides. This guyy thinks saddam was a martyr. he wasnt, he was a murderous bastard. But its so easy for younger or ignorant people to be sucked into believeing that the past was way better and Saddam was good.
He does make some valid points, thats the shame of it.
Argh. I hate all wars.

villa_strangiato - 07/05/2007 10:39:40

Excellent interview. And why do you suppose that none of the corporate media giants in the US would dare post such an interview or viewpoint? America’s deepened involvement in the Middle East and increased support of Israel is not some accident. Unfortunately for those pulling the strings, they didn’t anticipate the degree of tenacity and resolve of the resistance in Iraq. The US failure to conquer the oil fields of Iraq has put a bit of a damper on its plans to invade and liberate neighboring Iran. It’s frightening to think that the US administration, the oil lobby, and the Israeli lobby could be so arrogant and ignorant in their scheming to have miscalculated so badly. Humpty dumpty hasn’t just broken apart - he’s been obliterated.

brent - 07/12/2007 20:11:49

i agree. i am only good at wanking myself off for American soldiers, but i know it is my responsibility and those around me to make the change. i appreciate what you do:)

brent - 07/12/2007 20:33:40

One last post before I leave.

I couldnt stop laughing when I saw a christmas tree in your website.

God Bless and take care. :).

Graeme - 12/28/2007 14:31:19

hey…..if you have to hide your face???… need i say any more??

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