Alive In Baghdad An Iraqi Woman and Her Library

An Iraqi Woman and Her Library - 04.16.2007

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The Heretical Jew - 04/21/2007 12:51:41

Great piece. Keep up the good work!

Sage - 04/22/2007 15:54:46

About two years ago, I first learned of the sorry condition of higher education in Iraq from Zeyad’s blog when he was still living in Iraq. I later befriended a young lady from Iraq who is now attending her first year of college there, and yes, things are tough for the universities, especially for the libraries. This is not a new problem.

For almost a year I have been shipping text books to her to place in the libraries at her university. So far I have shipped over 200 pounds of books. It’s very expensive and a little complicated, but it is worth it. The students and professors are grateful for the books, and I am delighted to be of help in this small way.

Thanks for focusing attention on this problem.


Library Juice » Hameeda Al-Bassam - 04/25/2007 09:21:03

[…] Hameeda Al-Bassam is an Iraqi librarian, a woman who is physically disabled as a result of the violence in Iraq. She operates a small, private library in service to intellectuals and academics. The Alive in Baghdad video blog has an interesting video interview with her, where she talks about working as a librarian under the current conditions and about her intellectual life. […]

An Iraqi Woman and Her Library » Consuming Books One Page at a Time » a book a day keeps the doctor away - 04/27/2007 06:01:23

[…] Please read her story.  It is a miracle that she is able to do this work.  Hameeda’s story is one of many on Alive in Baghad, which is working to empower Iraqis to share their stories with the world, and provides a place of education and interaction for global citizens interested in the real life political, military, economic and social situation in Iraq. […]

Steve Marquardt - 05/04/2007 14:18:06

An inspiring story, but it raises some questions. Has Hameeda Al-Bassam earned an accredited MLS? Is her cataloging up to internationally recognized standards? Does her library have reliable circulation records, including respect for borrowers’ privacy? Has she been receiving funding from the US Embassy? Is regime change part of her agenda?

The Words of an Iraqi Librarian « another kick butt librarian - 05/06/2007 22:41:47

[…] May 6, 2007 at 9:37pm · Filed under News Baghdad’s scholars and intellectuals have limited access to academic material, and according to librarian Hameeda Al-Bassam, a disabled Shi’a woman, it’s worse now than in years past. Hameeda describes her work in a small private library in Baghdad in this short interview from Alive in Baghdad, a weekly video blog. […]

anoneo - 05/06/2007 22:42:02

Dear Steve Marquardt,

I really hope you are joking, but I am afraid you might not be. So, if your comments are in just, please disregard the following:

You must be joking. Do you really mean to criticize someone who is keeping a library going in the middle of a war zone for not having some euro-centric credentials, when you did not even spell them out for us un-enlightened ones?

Your comments just demonstrate, once again, the dangers of intellectual imperialism. Get a clue and learn to appreciate people and have some compassion.

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