Alive In Baghdad Al- Sarafia Bridge Destroyed

Al- Sarafia Bridge Destroyed - 04.22.2007

lelly - 04/23/2007 10:25:49

So are you suggesting it was the Iraqi or American government responsible?
You know, I wouldnt be at all suprised. The US government organised 9/11 and the UK 7/7 bombings. This is small fry.

And er..I think you mean death sqauds rather than death squids ( had to laugh at that)

sheila pithan - 04/25/2007 08:04:23

I was thinking… Iím here in Brazil thinking about love and “important things to human life” and you are there trying to survive… I canít imagine how your soul isÖ
I think the Americans are lost… they are building walls in sunitasísuburbs xiitasí suburbs!!!!

sheila pithan - 04/25/2007 14:54:20,,MUL26904-5602,00.html

Shadi Alkasim - 12/26/2007 12:26:12

I would like to express my deep sadness and condolences for the loss of a colleague, especially one so young who was just working as a journalist to help people know about the situation in Iraq.


coyador (japan) - 03/05/2009 07:48:46

i am sorry about wat is happening tu your lives

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