Alive In Baghdad “Muhammad” Describes Torture in Iraq

“Muhammad” Describes Torture in Iraq - 04.09.2007

True Blue Liberal » “Muhammad” Describes Torture in Iraq - 04/10/2007 19:55:23

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[…] This past Sunday, the Association of Muslim Scholars, an important Sunni authority in Iraq again raised the spectre of torture, alleging that the deaths of two Sunni scholars found Saturday. […]

Don Cox - 04/11/2007 12:23:10

It isn’t surprising that there is torture in Iraq - it was so common under Saddam that it will take a while to go away. A strong statement from the government outlawing all forms of torture would help to reduce it, I think. But there will still be people who cannot resist the temptation.

As for Iran complaining - they have a nerve. The use of torture by state forces is routine in Iran. Remember also the torture of Iraqi POWs captured in the Iran-Iraq war.

Torture, like domestic violence, is an evil that needs to be removed from society everywhere.

vagabond - 04/14/2007 04:40:22


Big fan of what you guys do. But I think there is an error in this report. Mohammed says he was tortured in June of last year, so this is months before the start of the new security crackdown in mid-Feb.


Brian - 04/14/2007 19:55:45

Editor’s update: One viewer has commented on the apparent insinuation/connection of this man’s torture to the recent security surge. That was not our intent, if anything it is meant to demonstrate one of the many things the Iraqi government suggests the surge will stop, and we hope the apparent complicity of government agents will raise questions for our viewership. That said, expect an updated edit of this episode soon. As always, we make an effort to respond to criticism, questions, and suggested stories.

Mark Tanberg - 04/27/2007 18:05:47

And if our forces weren’t there he’d just be dead

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