Alive In Baghdad Iraqi Health Issues, Diverse and Dire

Iraqi Health Issues, Diverse and Dire - 04.02.2007

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[…] April 2, 2007 @ 9:58 pm } · { stories } The latest Alive in Baghdad on the dire healthsituation. […]

MaryBeth Foote - 04/05/2007 01:33:52

Please put your videos on You Tube so that the American public will see it.

I feel sad for the pain that war is causing all of us who do not support it.

May it end soon.


Mark - 04/06/2007 04:59:40

thanks for the info B

Treasure of Baghdad - 04/06/2007 13:04:12

So heartbreaking. It left my heart with more grief and pain. La hawla wala quata illa billah.

Nick Mendez - 04/08/2007 13:18:56

I am a college student in Boston, studying political science. I am filled with shame every time I watch your podcast. The total lack of understanding that the American people have of the Arab world, its shameful, and it must take part of the blame for the suffering of the Iraqi people. I wish I could express to all those suffering as a result of this war that the policies of my government are not supported by my mind or conscience. May peace come swiftly.

Kufir al-Amriki - 04/08/2007 17:19:17

Oh yes the Iraqi people are soo innocent and Saddam was the GREENEST man that ever lived and I swear that he recycled everything.

In fact Iraq was an unpoisoned Utopia before the mean olde Americans put DDT in the waters and the felafels. Of course this made Iraqis hate each other and now they kill each other by the thousands every month.

It’s all Bushes fault and Halliburton OiL and the Neos and Israel is to blame too.

fitnah X Haraam = Me Scaramm


Maya - 04/14/2007 14:14:25

I’m so grateful for the work that you do. I am also ashamed at the lack of knowledge on the Americans part about the war going on and its impact on innocent civilians.

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