Alive In Baghdad Four Years Later, Speaking to Americans

Four Years Later, Speaking to Americans - 03.19.2007

True Blue Liberal » Four Years Later, Speaking To Americans - 03/19/2007 14:13:33

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Qwaider Planet - 03/19/2007 23:51:36

Four Candles blown Out…

As my fingers were flipping through today’s papers, my eyes were craned to the pictures the articles…

Dean's World - 03/20/2007 09:13:04

The Carnival of the Liberated…

Welcome to the Carnival of the Liberated, a sampler of some of the best posts of the week from Iraqi and Afghan bloggers. This week we have reactions to the fourth anniversary of the invasion, an interview with a filmmaker, Iraq……

olivebranch - 03/21/2007 05:49:28

You can always visit the Olivebranch Network for extra information about Iraq aswell… Hopefully this weekend will see a similar list of posts about the 4th year of Iraq under occupation…

Treasure of Baghdad - 03/21/2007 22:21:51


Keep up the good the job!

Michael - 03/23/2007 06:49:12

This posting is revlogged @ United Vloggers.


Thank you so much for your fantastic work, we’ll make a donation.

Kind Regards,


Kufffir al-Ameriki - 03/23/2007 15:33:37

Here’s my message to the Majed and Rana.

Affairs of State through out history are generally pretty ugly and unpredictable, including the foreign affairs of the United States. [not neat and tidy like a movie lol]

Witness the ugly character and history of the current Middle East Governments and the constant squabbling with their neighbors.

The antics of their politicians are infamous. to wit: Mubarak in Egypt, Nasrallah in Lebanon, the Pin Head in Syria and the House of Saud etc. etc.

Saddam is largely responsible for the current occupation of Iraq. Does anyone remember Saddam’s invasion of Kuwait?

Foreign wars often start out as small things which then gather momentum, like a tiny snowball at the top of a hill does as it gathers speed and mass when rolling to the bottom.

Where and when they’ll stop no one knows.

If you can’t recognize this who cares or believes what you think.

btw, I wouldn’t trust Majed or Rana with a grain of sand.


blackcurls - 03/24/2007 19:12:39

Uh… a little unrealistic. “We love the American people” The Amercian people, on the whole, are trying to take over your country’s resources and don’t really give a damn if you blow yourselves up in the process.

FOUR YEARS LATER, SPEAKING TO THE AMERICANS at United Vloggers - 03/25/2007 17:51:55

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Daniel - 03/26/2007 07:12:21

blackcurls: That’s simply not true. If it meant less bloodshed, the American people, on the whole, would be happy to pull out of iraq straight away and not take any of it’s resources.

Dianna - 03/28/2007 12:56:15

It is my sincere hope that the American troops leave your country. The US government does not represent the majority of its people. I wish you sincere happiness and peace.

MoyenOrient.Blog - 03/28/2007 16:46:06

“Alive in Baghdad”: les irakiens s’expriment…

C’est l’histoire de Brian Conley, un jeune cinéaste américain qui, après un an de préparation à la langue arabe et à l’histoire irakienne, décide de partir trois semaines à Bagdad afin de rencontrer et raconter les chroniques ordinaires d…

Roger The Okcitykid - 03/31/2007 19:57:55

Its not about freedom, democracy or security. No matter what anybody says, this didn’t happen because of Saddam or terrorists.

Oil is the reason, I think most Americans know this now, what we don’t know is how to turn this around, but we are working on it.

According to Jesus, there is justice on the other side, but in the meantime, I will send my donation and continue speaking truth to power.

May Allah give you strength

freddie - 04/01/2007 04:24:51

As an American, I loved Majed’s comment and can hardly wait for you guys to come liberate us. Hurry, we’re getting desperate here!

Jeff McNeill » Blog Archive » links for 2007-04-10 - 04/10/2007 08:19:09

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adammannus - 04/28/2007 16:42:12

I too loved Majed’s comment. It’s getting real bad here. Thank you for these great vids.

Laura - 07/20/2007 10:38:23

It’s painful to watch that video with the knowledge that my country is the reason for the suffering of Iraqi civilians.
My heart goes out to you all. As the one man said, we are all human. We should respect one another not because of our nationality or ethnicity or religion - but because there is the common thread of dealing with hardship and loss that we all experience.

Salaam, Peace.

URDumb - 07/28/2007 04:34:47

I can’t believe that everyone here blames the US for the attrocities in the Iraq. Saddam wasn’t exactly a saint. US efforts, in the long run, will hopefully stabalize this country that has been ravaged with genocide and cruelty. Wake up and smell the freaking coffee. Most of you sound like a bunch of Bush/America haters. I bet that most of you don’t think much about what’s happening in Darfur because you can’t blame the US and because Muslims aren’t being “victimized”.

Here’s a great idea. Move to a Socialilst country that supports your ideals and stop trying to change this country into one.

Peace out…

Con - 09/22/2007 17:06:03

perfectly stated URDumb…..perfectly stated.

David - 11/07/2007 11:25:50


That is perfectly stated but it goes deeper than that. This in a large part is a idealogical holy war. To all the bush/american haters. We in a large part a christian nation and it is said if your enemy hits you turn the other cheek. Well have been hit more than 4times. On the human body there are 4 cheeks. We ran out of cheeks and we fought back. Our nation is going thru 2 wars the war on terror and the PC war which we do not fix it will get us killed. The culture in iran syria saudia arabia teaches kids as little as 3 to hate. check this website to verify. Plus we are not the only people killing Iraqi civilians the insurgants are also and they do it in Cold blood.

FOUR YEARS LATER, SPEAKING TO THE AMERICANS at United Vloggers - 04/22/2008 20:01:16

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