Alive In Baghdad Dr. Haseeba in Sadr City

Dr. Haseeba in Sadr City - 02.26.2007

Treasure of Baghdad - 02/27/2007 02:16:07


Kufir al-Amriki - 02/27/2007 05:30:51

re Dr. Haseeba: She’s a quack and a bullshit artist, LOL did you hear her tooting her own horn! LOL!

Did the Good Dr. factor into the equation that Saddam bull dozed millions upon millions of cubic yards of soil for years when he destroying the reed marches in the South of Iraq.


I wonder if she ever studied at an accredited Medical School? If she had she’d know that soil is packed full of really nasty microbes.


Natural microbes and what ever man-made toxins, industrial wastes, Saddam’s WMDs, or his nuclear waste concentrated when Saddam choked off the Two Rivers.

Did she factor into the equation the accumulated toxins left over from the Iran-Iraq War which were strewn far and wide over Iraq and Iran. These toxins all naturally are washed down from higher ground towards the wadis, stream, marches and rivers.


Did she factor into the equation the evil that Saddam did after the Gulf War when he put the Shia and Kurd insurgencies down, I’m sure he had no compunction against spraying chemical toxins or microbes on the land.


There are loads of historical examples of periodic outbreaks of polio, typhus, anthrax and countless other natural phenomena that cause birth defects and sometimes they kill healthy adults. In fact there are records of entire civilizations which were wiped due to contagious diseases.

And finally common sense should instruct and disabuse those that think today’s US armed forces would use WMDs especially since our own troops must work in the same areas.

Of course the conspiracy buffs will believe her lies and swallow them whole. Then there are the America Haters who just spread lies for a living.

Yep propaganda artists are a dime a dozen and they love to spread lies about America and Americans.


olivebranch - 02/27/2007 07:36:38

=-) greaaaaaaaat work

olivebranch - 02/27/2007 07:36:54

BT!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Daniel - 02/27/2007 10:21:18

Kufir al-Amriki: Despite of it being factually true or not, I believe a large part of the population believes it, and honestly it’s hard to blame them. They aren’t consciously trying to be anti-America. Now we just have to work with this.

What I find particularly distressing is that the vast majority of Americans would like to pull out of Iraq as soon as possible. People in Iraq don’t seem to realize this.
Extremists can win simply by spreading sectarian divide and lawlessness. Then, at the end of the day when it comes to a crunch, Iraqis will take sides with other Iraqis even extremists rather, than side with any Americans. Again, it’s hard to blame them for this. Americans would react in _exactly_ the same way.

I just wish real leaders with guts would take risks and start a true dialog. So much pain and frustration when most people have a common goal.

freddie - 02/28/2007 13:36:54

@ Daniel,
When it takes $150,000,000 to win a PRIMARY election, where are you gonna find a “leader with guts”?
Kufir al-Amrika, I don’t like to call anybody ignorant but you are pressing my patience.

Wendigomuskoka - 03/05/2007 06:08:39

@Daniel yes you are right
@Kufir al-Amrika YES! and there is so much more to say about all this. The environmental destruction by Saddam the residual effects you are right on.
@freddie pressing your patience? CUT ME A BREAK! I care about the issues-I guess rather than bring facts to the table you bring your own emotional state as a rewsponse to the truth. sigh

It is obvious this woman is US bashing hang on methinks I smell Taliban, Al-Auaeda and other insurgent interests once again using well meaning social activists to further their mission in their usual oblique twisting of our own rights and freedoms.

The nuclear clock is ticking………….

annie - 03/10/2007 17:04:04

It is obvious this woman is US bashing hang on methinks I smell Taliban, Al-Auaeda and other insurgent interests

so, if someone has a different view than you it is because of a terrorist influence. thank you for demonstrating your ignorance.

i hope this woman understands many people are sorry for what america has brought to her reality.

Harold - 03/18/2007 00:16:04

Dang, did I read that right, $2500 per episode? So where does all the money go, exactly. Where can I find this information?

RYan - 03/20/2007 08:49:45

errr US brought birth defects? if they were US borne diseases wouldn’t they have manifested in their parents too?
if this chick even went to medical school it wasn’t a good one. the birth defects are from a different source.

Greg (a veteran) - 03/20/2007 19:48:10

Have any of the people who have commented here, before me, been to Iraq? In person? Have any of you studied medicine, at any level?

The doctor in this video is probably referring to birth defects caused by exposure to uranium dust. It is an established fact that uranium is radioactive AND toxic. It is an established fact that exposure to the radiation from uranium can cause birth defects. It is an established fact that the USA used depleted uranium slugs in its tank rounds and in the rounds fired by the huge Gatling guns mounted in A-10 (Thunderbolt) attack airplanes. (Note: the USA is the only country in the world that uses such rounds.)

It makes perfect military sense to use DU in heavy weapons. The job of a tank round is to penetrate tough things, like other tanks, and DU slugs do that job better than fully-jacketed lead slugs. It also makes perfect sense, medically, that the dust from those rounds will cause problems down the line.

Whatever you might think about the politics of our invasion of Iraq, don’t call this lady a liar for political reasons. Look at the facts.

Here’s another few facts for you: Iraq had GREAT medical and dental schools in the 1960’s, 1970’s, and 1980’s. Things started to go downhill during the Iran-Iraq War, and then really went to crap after the 1990 invasion of Kuwait and the subsequent 1991 war against the USA. Iraq still has some great doctors in it, but getting the medical supplies and equipment they need gets tricky. Another problem that the population faces is that a lot of doctors - educated people, with money and connections - have gooten the heck OUT of Iraq in the past few years.

You don’t have to CARE about the Iraqi people if you don’t want to. But please don’t deny the fact that they have some serious, real-life, medical problems.

Greg (a veteran) - 03/20/2007 19:53:05

Oh, and by the way: polio, typhus, and anthrax, which are indeed natural phenomena, can and do KILL people, but they DON’T cause birth defects.

Alive In Baghdad - 04/04/2007 09:24:44

[…] Alive in Baghdad has produced several shows examining these difficulties. Although primarily focused on the potential impact of depleted uranium, particularly in children, we have also interviewed a doctor, medical students, and a father whose daughter has a strange and unexplained illness. […]

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