Alive In Baghdad Welcome Ramadan

Welcome Ramadan - 01.29.2007

Peu - 01/29/2007 12:34:12

Now imagine, what if something like taht happens to the u.s. tradition? This terrorism is truly a fake proof, implanted by the oil gang. Everybody knows that, right? This War inseminates hate in this ground full of revenge and tries to wipe out the proud in this people. But a bullet canīt kill an idea.

(is my english poor? call 9/11).

Kennedy - 02/03/2007 12:44:48

:) good!!!

Abby - 02/03/2007 12:45:10

Just noticed that my home page needed correcting. Cheers, Dan.

bob - 02/14/2007 10:25:41


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