Alive In Baghdad Eid al Fitr at the End of Ramadan

Eid al Fitr at the End of Ramadan - 01.22.2007

the big raven - 01/22/2007 13:43:05

Thanks for taking the time and for the courage it takes to even write anything about your country. I appoligize for the warmongers that have done so much harm to the people of Iraq. I pray to the creator to bring peace to you and your fellow countrymen.

Rupert - 01/22/2007 14:00:20

Thanks again. This is such a fantastic project. I had no idea of your costs. I will make a donation for sure, despite being flat out of cash.

I have just been listening to a discussion on BBC Radio 4 about the historical/theological differences between Sunni and Shia Islam in light of the festival of Ashura next Monday, which I can recommend to anyone who liked this post - you can listen to it at

John Q Public - 01/22/2007 20:42:20

Get a real job and quit begging for money.
That’s all liberal do

human doing - 01/29/2007 16:34:24

I favor no race. I favor no gender. I favor no religion.
I DO favor peace, equality, love and JUSTICE.
I am disgusted by the treatment of Iraq (and the rest of the world) by rich megalomaniacs and commend your efforts to enlighten the world about some of the horrors faced by Iraq. It is important to understand that the whole world is under attack. However most countries are not being bombed or under curfew or being looted, desecrated, pillaged, dismantled, contaminated or destroyed YET. The people of the world need to know what is happening in Iraq and elsewhere. The campaign of subtle, sophisticated, insidious propaganda by MOST media and western Governments must be countered by decent people willing to stand up for the truth and not be sheep. The new world order is on the march. It is not the USA that is the enemy. It is those who use the USA and other entities as tools to further their sick notions of world domination. I know it sounds hard to believe. - It is no different to any other time in history where power has corrupted those who wield it. Except that modern technologies have put more destructive power in the hands of those who can afford it and left the 99.9% of the rest of us almost powerless. The proof is out there if you care to look for it.

I urge you to see this site “”
and see ALL videos on it. It should help you understand why the world is the way it is.
- this is NOT a drill -

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