Alive In Baghdad Priest Discusses Christianity in Baghdad

Priest Discusses Christianity in Baghdad - 01.15.2007

Rouslan Solomakhin - 01/16/2007 00:16:50


You are doing a great job by presenting a unique point of view of the situation in Iraq. However, your latest videos lack the conversation that appeared in the earlier videos. I think it is hard for the viewer to relate to the speaker (in this case, the priest) when the questions to the priest are not shown. I would rather see a longer video with your questions rather than a shorter video without them, because, to be honest with you, the latter just sounds as propaganda. This is only my opinion. Please continue your noble job.

Rouslan Solomakhin

crissa - 01/16/2007 08:57:30

I agree with Rouslan with respects to both his opinion and his compliments.

I am sharing this podcasts with my children 8 and 10 years old. These brodcasts help them to understand more than mainstream journalism, giving them and myself a different perspective and understanding. We don’t always “like” what we hear, and that is good. Freedom of speech and expression from the trenches! Keep the information and experiences coming.

Be Safe,
A “Capitalist” Catholic Family in the United States not eating hamburgers and sometimes wearing jeans

James Starowicz - 01/16/2007 11:13:49

A very wise Priest, as All of the Established Religions have their Wise Religious Leaders that Are Not Heard while Others use Religion to Justify the Destructive Actions and Stamp Down The Wise!!!

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richard - 01/21/2007 11:57:04

This is REALLY interesting, considering all the U.S. Christians who support the U.S. occupation. If they had any idea the effect it actually has on Christians.

Maria - 02/04/2007 16:09:16

Richard how is this happening when there is so many Iraquies who are traveling in and out of Irak and speding pleasure time and just go back afer one or two weeks and they dont seem to be so unhappy. They also talk how life goes on and people spend time shopping in a relugar life style. When question regarding about this people on military camps they just reply well they just waiting to leave.
Do you think this has any truth in it?
Keep up with you great job.
God Bless.

colleen - 02/18/2007 21:55:01

Well Richard considering that allot fundamentalists Christians support Israel, and disregard the Palestinian Christians, it should come as no surprise.

Frank Downie - 03/09/2007 04:59:32

Thank you for this footage.
However, i do beleive that this priest may be biased in some way. He contradicts so much of the Bible in his religion as a Catholic ( incidentally, i was raised Catholic) The bible states there is only one true God, but catholics asy different, the Koran;Qur’an states there is only one true God, but the Catholics say different. So what is the truth?

Check the Bible first
Check Qur’an second since that came after Torah.



colleen - 03/17/2007 17:29:56

Catholics believe in one GOD, Muslims and Christians always try to take swipes at our religion where as you Muslims must try to justify yours. Leave us alone we are good people, and we’ll do the same. Happy St. Paddys Day :)

Bob - 04/10/2007 23:30:44

I still can’t believe people are still fighting about something more than 2000 years old. I say religions are not true and we should not believe in these old beliefs. One day, we are all gonna face it, there will be only one country, which will be the earth. Stop loosing time worshipping something fake and empty.

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Nessma - 07/05/2007 19:00:42

Thank you for posting this video! As a 16 year old Assyrian living in the United States, I truly sympathize with this priest. The plight of our people is not nearly shown as much as it should be. The population of our people back home has nearly diminished and Assyrians face extinction. Thank you for trying to get the message out about our people.With videos and other means of communication hopefully we can stop the descendants of the world’s oldest civilization from becoming extinct.

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