Alive In Baghdad Americans’ Xmas Operation

Americans’ Xmas Operation - 01.08.2007

maps, diagrams and war - normalblog - - 01/11/2007 01:10:37

[…] Then I read this post over on the superb videoblog Alive in Baghdad (although there are no videos in this link), and it re-kindled those thoughts. For some reason, I have an interest in maps, diagrams, topologies. And for some time, likely due to increased sensitivity to the issue, the interest in topologies has overlapped with war (I’ve blogged about this concern before). I’m sure one day some ‘artwork’ will come out of it - one wants to relate one’s energies, but the issue is so overwhelming. […]

anon - 01/11/2007 04:41:10

wow. Im glad youre ok.

A U.S. Citizen - 01/11/2007 09:41:45

This is depressing. To any Iraqis reading this, no Americans I know would ever wish this on anyone. Most people I know do not identify with these politics and just want to live their lives and be happy. Its terrible that regular people around the world have to deal with these wars that turn us all against eachother. Much love.

bob, a canadian - 01/11/2007 22:16:32

man, its like when you do something so little, the americans go and kill everything they thought was responsible. But, this is only an opinion, and I dont want any arguments. I just hope things get better there for you and for everyone living there.

bob, a canadian

Arkansas Soldier - 02/04/2007 12:31:16

In all wars, these things happen, and happening once is too much. We have all the latest technologies, and better intelligence than any previous war, but mistakes unfortunately will happen. I am deeply saddened by this. I have met many local nationals and fell in love with many of the people. I hope when the local army gets up to speed, and wander around in their neighborhoods, that these unfortunate incidents will stop. One innocent life is too much. Being over here, we want the best for the Iraqis. I hope that Iraq is reborn out of the ashes of war, and become as beautiful as the hearts of its people.

Irishlad - 02/06/2007 09:42:37

The one thing i am curious about is whether or not the hatred for the americans has in anyway subsided because its seems to me that the only people killing iraqis is other iraqis at the moment. With all these crazy suicide bombers, surely normal everyday people can see that the biggest problem with the country is not the U.S. army but yourselves. You have an opertunity with your countrys wealth & history to be a great nation yet you continually drag yourselves back to the stoneage with extremist clerics & the killing of each other, it doesnt make sense to me whatsoever.

an american woman - 02/06/2007 13:20:51

I couldn’t agree with Irishlad more…it really saddens me that the differnt “sects” of Iraqi’s cannot seem to gather together to become one of the strongest Country’s in the Middle East..instead, they are simply motivated by heresay,clerics,and other warmongers who seem to want it all for themselves!! The Majority of Americans want nothing more than to pull out and bring our kids home..we didn’t want to enter Iraq to begin with..there is no “winning” in this, there is no “losing”..unfortunately, we have a “Monkey” that alot of people, not myself, that put their beliefs in him and re-elected him. Now he want’s to put more of our kids in harms way, while the Shia’s and the Sunni’s fight amongst themselves??? STOP THE INSANITY!!! We love our troops, and support them 100 percent, we admire their courage when they are put thousands of miles away from home..but for what??? May we all find some sense in this soon!!

1st worlder - 02/10/2007 11:05:40

Did some of you posters read the article?
“surely normal everyday people can see that the biggest problem with the country is not the U.S. army but yourselves”
Yeah wise up people, well the ones we haven’t killed accidently yet, a bit of gratitude would go down nicely.
You can’t really be innocent and Iraqi at the same time you know. If you were and we killed you we’re bringing you DEMOCRACY so that excuses everything. So
shut up already.

Gladiator - 03/01/2007 08:56:21

Growth in Iraqi on Iraqi violence is probably related to the implementation of the Salvador Option.

Remember the 2 British SAS men dressed as Arabs and caught by Iraqi police with bomb making material in their car and who engaged in a gunfight with Iraqi police when they were stopped. The British army stormed the Iraqi jail where they were being held to free them before they could spill the beans as to what they were really up to.

Read more about the British bombers here:
(you have to page down a bit to see the story)

The Salvador Option:

The following article examines evidence that the ‘Salvador Option’ for Iraq has been ongoing for some time and attempts to say what such an option will mean. It pays particular attention to the role of the Special Police Commandos, considering both the background of their US liaisons and their deployment in Iraq. The article also looks at the evidence for death-squad style massacres in Iraq and draws attention to the almost complete absence of investigation. As such, the article represents an initial effort to compile and examine some of these mass killings and is intended to spur others into further looking at the evidence. Finally, the article turns away from the notion that sectarianism is a sufficient explanation for the violence in Iraq, locating it structurally at the hands of the state as part of the ongoing economic subjugation of Iraq.

sheila pithan - 05/28/2007 08:42:09


i imagine how many families were killed in these stuped war.

Ivan - 11/16/2007 00:54:25

STOP stupid BUSH!

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