Alive In Baghdad Saddam Hussein, Dead in Baghdad

Saddam Hussein, Dead in Baghdad - 12.29.2006

Oswald - 12/30/2006 09:09:42

Die Doppelmoral der derzeitigen US-Führung und ihrer Marionetten!
Demokratie dient nur als Instrument zum Vorschalten und zur Installation ihrer Interessen, zur geistigen als auch seelischen Volksverdummung.
Gleichzeitig praktizieren sie die Elliminierung Sadams fuer alle Zukunft; über 50 weitere Hinrichtungen seit sie das Land überfallen haben.
Das ist der neue Stil(Demokratie),wie die Neuen regieren.
Was ist daran besser geworden als zur Zeit Sadams?
Die Posten wurden ausgetauscht u. neu besetzt von unfähigen Vertretern, abhängig u. indoktriniert mit dem kranken Denken des Westens.
Es ist der sichtbarer Beweis,wofür diesen Oberteufeln heute Begriffe wie Demokratie stehen und wofür diese zu dienen haben.
Mit der Projizierung des Krieges Irak haben sie etwas ausgelöst,was sie nicht mehr loswerden werden.Sie sind nicht einmal fähig sich dies heute einzugestehen, geschweige die Tragweite ihres Handelns.
Sie haben sich ihre eigene Falle konstruiert - Toll!

Qasem - 12/30/2006 09:36:30

Hi my peace friends
today is sadday for most Iraiq whom I met ….Saddam killed by criminals who killing civiliansby death squads …but this time by justicetitle …..
one fact to tell ..No evadence that Saddam was criminal …please ask MR.Ramzi Clerck who was Justice ministr inUS and few daysago he was one of lawyers team whotrying to find justice for saddam

now criminals are more strong in Iraqand they can celebrate more while killing families in houses and Baghdad streets ……

being happy or sadfor Saddam death …is notthe problem …the problem what criminals in death sqaud will do ….and why no body make justice formore than 600000 civilian Iraqis killedin streets by this war and its tools and masks


Lesley - 01/02/2007 05:30:03

Saddam was not a good man. But what the leaders of USA and UK are doing is no better. They too are using chemical weapons and killing thousands.
His death will change nothing, except to expose the hypocrisy of world rulers.

vahied - 01/02/2007 14:59:44

all i gotta say is anyone that wants to be a saddam, should swing. its crude, ya but the world would be better. i think iraqis need to grab a bible instead of the book of allah. they get horney by cutting off peoples head. i can ohnestly see them being sexual with mandibles. but ya keep turning yourselfs on your crazy fucks.

Mel - UK - 01/04/2007 20:44:03

I feel that we (the british public) genuinely wanted to help all iraqies whatever religious beliefs, we all have a right to our own, but we are giving in to the americans. we have always stood alone and, unfortunately have had to stand with the yanks because we are not as rich as we used to be. I want us to help you to run your country as you want to and keep your own oil. the powers that be have other ideas! I know iraqies, iranians and afganistans in england, we live together ok. Please don’t think that the majority of the UK agree with Blair ’cause we dont, that is why he will fall soon. Politics stinks! we are all the same in the end! and yanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!! tossers!

Brett - US - 01/08/2007 13:42:35

That sucks, personally I think its fucked up we gotta go in there. The countrys there should take care of their own terrorists, but when we get attacked by them, we have no other option. Stand up for yourselves, don’t make us do it then get pissed off at us for trying to make things right. Sure you had electricity under saddam, but he also killed hundreds of thousands of his own countrymen and made threats and attacks against the US

hamineco - 01/12/2007 08:22:47

I don’t have enough knowledge to talk about this issue but things I hear and see about Saddam and Iraq are all from the medias which means I have never seen Iraq with my eyes in real or Saddam commit crimes in live but it’s easy to believe that he was a criminal.

I understrand that the situation of Iraq was much better especially for you Sunnis when he was the President or a dictator.

But you should see what he has done especailly to Shiites and Kurdish and others who were against him.
Saddam Hussein had massacred too many innocent people.

I thought he was kind of balancing the power of middle east by governing Iraq as a counterbalance to Iran.
So the current problem is that there is no representative of good virsion of Saddam Hussein for the better in Iraq.

I can’t do anything for you so I just wish the world peace though.
I think prejudice, ignorance and indifference are the enemy of ower lives.

Joe USA - 02/04/2007 13:31:45

How is Iraq any different than 1940’s Germany? The US still remains in Germany after 5o-years. What do you hope to gain by continuing this propaganda campaign? Embrace the future and hold your country men accountable for their actions or go the way of the dinosaur. IF the forces pull out of Iraq, there will be an atomic war within 10 years time. Radical activist of any type, including US politicians, need to be held accountable for their words and actions… Encouraging anger amongst an unknowing population should never be tolerated. Thumbs up to the UAE prince that banned tele-marking in his kingdom. Now, let’s see which side can break down the strong holds of some of the toughest modes in the world - Muslim, Christian, and Jewish religions. These gangs have caused more deaths than disease and old age… wake up my foolish friends.

Holly - 02/06/2007 22:10:09

I just don’t get why we’re even over there messing around with these people, why is my brother putting his life in danger for a country that’s not really concerned with him. I guess everyone’s right, Bush had to finish what his daddy started in Desert Storm. The questio is, how long will it take to end this madness?

robert - 03/20/2007 16:19:41

Personally, the Iraqi people need to shape up or shut up. Because they are killing themselves… I say go ahead and pull out of this god foresaken land… when it falls apart and the US gets hit again, we turn all that sand into high priced Glass Fixtures… and all they Iraqi’s will have to blame is themselves…

Period - end of story

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