Alive In Baghdad Baghdad is like Grand Theft Auto

Baghdad is like Grand Theft Auto - 12.18.2006

abdullah - 12/19/2006 15:38:32

To see a talented young man who just wants to live his life in peace but struggles to do so is terribly sad. I hope the young man gets smart and tryes to emigrate the hell out of iraq, even if he has to sneek into europe or north africa.

gourmelon - 12/21/2006 13:26:33

“people are dying here, and for no reason”: could you send this video to G.W.Bush ? May be it’ll contribute to change his mind. A video sent evreyday. Then, day after day, Bush will get this sentence in his brain during golf party. Day after day he’ll be changed: he’ll get a new brain and a heart.
Brittany, France

paul - 12/21/2006 13:52:00

When he is ask how much money he spends a month, he answers 2oo dollers.

Wisam - 12/22/2006 18:58:39

i’m wisam the young man in the tape… yeah sure i’m about to leave Iraq ASAP… cause if i stayed here… i will start to count my days… not only that… 90% of people here will do the same thing… believe me i’m in Iraq and i know all things in here… were finished

Truth - 12/23/2006 13:56:50

electricity each month

Can you tel us how long the “electricity” dliverd to Bgfhada house so that these kids can play and spend thise monthly money!!!

abdullah - 12/23/2006 20:23:45

Yes wisam. you must try to use the money you have to leave and then when violence subsides one day you can return. Inshaalla, good will again prevail through the earth one day. You are lucky to have the money to get out many dont and are stuck!! Use it wisely. May god be with you

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Mutx - 12/29/2006 04:27:11

Hey Wisam,
I pray for you people in Iraq and Insha’Allah you will find peace in future.
Hopefully all will end good down there or you can leave it as soon as possible.

Greetings from Germany,
Aselam allekum.

Wisam - 12/29/2006 15:08:24

here we have the big generator who provide us with the electricity… each amper cost 12$ … so every house take about 6–10 amper and thats mean each house payed at least 50 to 100 dollars… the generator works from 4 PM to 12 Am… so from 12 am we go to sleep and from 9 am we turn on our genrator who works on benzen and cost us each month about 100 dollars snd so on… so we spent about 200$\M

Rich - 01/03/2007 15:08:45

This complete fake PROPAGANDA.

Are you lot really that daft?

- He has an AMERICAN accent.
- He uses AMERICAN words (not english).
- He says ‘200 dollars’.
- He can speak AMERICAN-English perfectly.

Come on now people. This video wouldn’t be hard to make would it?

jib - 01/03/2007 21:58:51

he says ” i’am graduate in english”
there is 600.000 civilians and 3000 american soldiers dead since war begins.
And you claim it’s FAKE !!??
Be brave, shut your TV off and get a ticket for irak. Then you’ll be able to talk, welcome to reality.

ryan - 01/04/2007 14:21:11

what do you do for a living if you can’t go outside your house?

hi - 01/04/2007 17:15:05

jib… irak? Do a favor and do not comment when someone is talking about English.

poopoo - 01/05/2007 19:04:17

hi…’Do a favor?’ Do everyone a favor and don’t comment on someone else’s English ability.

Dan - 01/05/2007 22:36:12

Happy New Year to Iraqi’s from America.

How does the electricity work? Does a local man buy a large generator and petrol and sell the electricity to people living nearby?

Does the goverment provide electricity? How did you get electricity before the occupation?

I think the arabic word for electricity is “carubah”

fake - 01/06/2007 04:50:49

Umm, it’s like so cool, you know? Like, GTA is like so like ahh, being here, in Iraq. You know? Umm, so like I play video games that are so cool.

People are like dying here, for like, no reason, you know? It’s like not cool, you know? Like, no seriously, I’m an Iraqi. I mean, like look at me, what more poof do you need? Ummm, how come Saddam gets the Doritos and I don’t?

syndicated - 01/10/2007 19:08:03

Alive and gaming in Baghdad…

Filed under: Culture “We can’t go outside, so I prefer to keep inside and keep myself alive.” The words…

Josh - 01/10/2007 20:36:37

And the f***ing American government is going to send another 20,000 troops in. Damn it! I hate this country!

Daniel - 01/10/2007 23:04:45

Wow. Just wow. Some of the comments here are so negative and HATEFUL, just because Wisam decided to talk about his life. And some of you feel hate just for that? Good job guys, you’re the real terrorists.

Nathaniel - 01/10/2007 23:19:20

This puts a lot of things in perspective. I hope you’re able to get somewhere safe and out of Baghdad soon, all of this war crap is pretty saddening. I feel for the soldiers too, having to go in there and fight in a war that makes no sense. But im just a 14 year old kid who got to this site from Joystiq so what do I know. Its great to hear that some people can stay safe and just try to be positive through something like gaming though. » Blog Archive » 50 Cent - 01/11/2007 00:24:58

[…] “Baghdad is like Grand Theft Auto” […]

LeDrewJ - 01/11/2007 04:41:52

Wisam, come to Canada, you will love it here.
The US….you coming from Iraq, you may, like on this message board, have to deal with some hateful people in the US. Here in Canada, as long as you’re not hurting anybody, we couldn’t care less where you are from, or what your background is.

omar - 01/11/2007 07:20:39

hey this video is so real and i had shot it my self anf if anyone who dont blive it call me plz
and guss what folks alot of iraqi speaks a good english as wisam!!!!!

have fun

joe - 01/11/2007 10:26:00

Regular people around the world are so similar. Its easy to take sides, but when the day is done, what do normal people really care about? Just living a peaceful life with those close to you. These politics are not our politics. Its a shame we’re dragged into it all. The American people have nothing to do with this war and we make no decisions, we just hear about it on the news.

Komrade Kayce - 01/11/2007 12:41:59

Hey buddy, greetings from Canada. You really need to get your story out to more people in North America, I think the fact that video games for you and your friends are being used as a nonviolent way in NOT participating in the garbage thats going on outside your doors is a beautiful thing, and deserves recognition.

This has nothing to do with ‘troops’ or what the US is currently doing in baghdad, moreso it seems to me like an excellent story of how interactive activity shared between people, be it storytelling, listening to the radio, playing cards etc… when people are kept busy, why go out and create or partake in violence?

Good blog man, keep it up, Im a reader now.

Stephane - 01/17/2007 14:25:58

So much hate in this world. I am glad you found a way to try to forget about the horrible things going on outside. I am a big gamer too, and it’s nice to see that you still find the time to play with everything going on.
People should start helping each others… not fighter each others.
Take care Wisam !

limbaugh pills - 01/19/2007 23:20:39

where is this cat getting 200 clams a month

Enigma - 01/24/2007 09:18:41

Great blog guys.I hope the violence ends very soon in Iraq. I feel sorry for u guys. Bush (antichrist) is a crazy motherfucker. I hate that stupid piece of shit.

Love from Norway

Dave - 01/24/2007 12:39:32

consider yourself invited to my humble apartment, with electricity 24/7 and a big collection of videogames.

greeetings from dave in Norway

magnus berg - 01/25/2007 14:18:00

first a thanks for an opportunity to see the real life in iraq whitout wondering if some goverment has made it to theres benefit. good work! I hope and pray you Wisam and the Iraqi people will get peace soon! God bless you. magnus from Norway.

d man - 01/25/2007 17:46:08

man you are a champ wisam. Although there is fighting and bloodshed outside, you still play games to keep your mind off of things. to think of what the U.S. government is doing to your country is sickening. Over here in america i am trying many things and attending demonstations to get our troops out of there but i feel that that wint help your situation. The violence is horrible and should only be done on a video game. You keep on gaming and stay safe.

Rebecca - 01/26/2007 21:29:25

Hey Wisam! You have to come to Canada, where the most of our worries just happen to be: same-sex marriage just official, having universal health care, and come join the war on marijuana! Yep, we have real concerns in this country. Come join us in Vancouver, BC. It’s the war on marijuana here.

Pro Game News » Alive and gaming in Baghdad - 01/27/2007 12:54:07

[…] “We can’t go outside, so I prefer to keep inside and keep myself alive.” […]

phsyco - 02/01/2007 19:45:28

u kno guys the war makes perfect sense iraqies get the hell out of iraq so we can bomb it already and we are the worlds superpower i don’t care what yall think so ride on america ride on….

phsyco - 02/01/2007 19:47:17

anigma i will kill u the next time u go to sleep u fucking piece of garbage

phsyco - 02/01/2007 19:49:43

oh and u norway mother fuckers ever say anything about america i will personaly decapitate you ya hippies

phsyco - 02/01/2007 19:52:16

oh and wisam don’t ever push that fake crap on me

phsyco - 02/01/2007 19:56:50

i’m sorry it’s not like i realy mean any harm (except for the norway pple)it’s just use ur brain if u don’t wanna die then use the 200 bucks get outta there and well bomb it for ya go join the canadians with their bacon :)

extoon - 02/05/2007 22:22:47

YEAH YOU stupid rich kids just play war-game and hide inside and let the real war outside rage,your people are killing your people while you game-kill and do mayhem in pretend -why dont you get off your lazy ass and take back your country, instead of killing cartoons in a closet you coward.

Mike - 03/20/2007 03:19:44

Whether the video is fake or not matters little. Spamming hateful messages only shows how far our society has fallen. People are dying but most of us Americans have lost all sense of what’s real.

Wisam, or any other Iraqi reading this, I hope you find a way out. Playing video games or anything to mentally/emotionally escape is the best way, unless your home itself is in danger; leaving the country may be a greater risk than staying (Finding employment may not be easy).

MC - 03/25/2007 07:52:34

Canada is great? Sure, if you want to pick up the financial pieces after 18 years of Liberal Government and toss over 60% of every dollar you make to cover their losses. Next to zero defence in a country that size, but that seems to be okay with them, as America pays the freight on that, then the average Canadian bad mouths them and spits in their face. Yes indeed, very nice people, if you like freeloaders.

Alya - 04/11/2007 04:48:33

wisam am really sorry if any of these comments has hurt ya.
this’s for anyone sayin stubid shit about ma friend Wisam or any other Innosent iraqian get ur asses in here where’s the real war and kiling everyday in front of ur eyes
and then start talkin about ur WHITE AMERICA

jeremy - 07/12/2007 22:09:35

This whole planet is screwed anyways.

adel - 09/30/2007 18:48:30

Wasim I thing you are loucky because you have 200$ to spend them for games.
I am working every day & facing the risk of car bombs or side bombs to get 300$ for living (me & my family)
God safe you & every one like you.

Facistinabag - 12/08/2007 15:25:00

-”Canada is great”

I agree

-”Sure, if you want to pick up the financial pieces after 18 years of Liberal Government and toss over 60% of every dollar you make to cover their losses.”

Better than getting Carpet Bombed every night.

Also where’s your source for this?

-”Next to zero defence in a country that size, but that seems to be okay with them”

A single Javelon Missile costs $40,000 American Dollers (Call Of Duty 4, thank you very much) I think we have better stuff to spend that money on. Like healthcare and education.

-”as America pays the freight on that”

Stop tossing out uneducated potshots. Just because we don’t spend 8 billion on bombers. (Call of duty 4, I thank you again :))

Besides, All that money spend on defence, yet, on September 11, 2001, a couple of terrorists with packing knives killed thousands of people. Hmm, were’s you top of the line Meat grinders now?

-”then the average Canadian bad mouths them and spits in their face.”

The Whole world badmouth’s you and spits in your faces.

Your all to busy watching Desperate Houswifes to care about whats really going on.

-”Yes indeed, very nice people, if you like freeloaders.”

Freeloader is much better than War Pigs.

My country isn’t perfect, (Check out the Rwanda Genocide, we didn’t do anything, and nor did the rest of the world.) but it’s a HELL of alot better than being Bombed.

Never accuse my contry of being freeloaders because we are not Paranoid Freaks. If we even spent a tenth of what americas spent on military, I would leave in a second.

Our military is abismal at best, yet, your the one’s being attacked.

A freind of mine smuggled a Nazi War knife into Canada from Rome. He stuck it in his sock. He had no problems with border controlls whatsoever.

And yet, every night I fall asleep in my mediocre bed, wonder if its going to be a snow day tommorrow, and fall asleep looking at my most prized possesions, a LCD Television and an Xbox 360. Why is this? How come I can feel so safe in a country that has no adiquate military?

Two reasons:

-I know what people are facing in Iraq and Darfur is 10 thousand time worse than worrying about how I’m getting to work tommorrow.

-Because I trust that my Government will use TRUE democracy to make decisions. We don’t have a puppet for a Prime Minister, instead we Have Steven Harper AND THE PROGRESSIVE CONSERVATIVES. You have George Bush Jr., Condelliza Rice, Dick Cheney, and only yourselfs to blame.

I’m sorry we don’t spend billions of dollers on Military, we figure we could spend it on more important things.

Canada > USA

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