Alive In Baghdad Not Enough Cemetery to Go Around

Not Enough Cemetery to Go Around - 12.11.2006

Ibrahim Abu Amina - 12/12/2006 00:05:48

This is a very tiny sample of what Criminal Bush had done in Iraq by the name democracy. I hope the people all over the world can see this move and request a trail for Bush and his partners.

Heather Wallace - 12/13/2006 13:33:44

Hi Brian,
I had a meeting with the Orato “Heads” and they agreed we might be able to commission some work from you.

We’d love to be able to count you among our special correspondents.

Heather Wallace
Senior Editor

Ammar - 12/13/2006 14:05:05

oooh poor sunis
they are the victims of shiaa the criminals the sunis dont do any thing wrong exept sending bombed cars and supportin the peaceful party (baath) and its criminal sorry(resistant)activities

terry williamson - 12/14/2006 06:55:51

what is the answer everyone asks, well the answer is for people of iraq, ( especially the iraqi politicians ) to actually !! realise !! that all the people of iraq, every last citizen of iraq sunni,shite,shia and others are all iraqi, and it is only this that will stop the violence. dialoge and understanding and EMPATHY for ALL iraqi people by the iraqi people no matter the religion !! is the very start of repairing iraq. all sides of the confict have been scarred by the liberation ?? of iraq, but sides will HAVE to give a little in order to reach this goal, everyone around the world hates to see iraqi’s turn on each other, the americans dont want to be there i assure you, they would much rather be at home with their loved ones, and iraqi’s would love iraq to be able to live in peace along side each other, if shite’s, shia, sunni, all collectively,come to an agreement to join forces and to report criminals and insurgents to the iraqi police force, and to help the iraqi police stop the violence, and support the iraqi police things can and will get better, but while iraq has clerics and politicians that use the so called need to protect their flock, to build armies and militia’s, then iraq has no future, the people of iraq need to go to the streets again, NOT to denounce anothers religion or to denounce the nations that are in iraq, BUT denounce the violence and abuse of the iraqi people by sectarian violence. sunni’s,shite’s,shia, need to all march as one,clerics included and demand the iraq people come together and stop the violence, there is no one religion better than another religion, i myself am actually an athiest, but if it would stop the iraqi people from hurting and destroying their own beautiful country and its own people, then i would pray to god every night, unfortunately its the iraqi people that HAVE to step up and demand a stop to sectarian violence, and let clerics know that killing innocent people is not gods wish and people that promote that idea should be jailed . good luck stay safe,

zapruder - 12/14/2006 09:35:22

ti seguo. continua a raccontarmi. thks

ps: guarda il vlog
troverai dei video girati a baghdad

True Blue Liberal » Not Enough Cemetery To Go Around - 12/14/2006 14:54:45

[…] Watch Video […]

hamineco - 12/17/2006 11:55:18

It’s terribly sad that people have to make cemetary for waiting dead bodies that are alive today.

I uploaded news from my Iraqi friend in Iraq to my blog and I’m trying to make more people hear the voices and know about this situation who are not interested in Iraq matters since my blog is not all about Iraq.

I’m wondering what eles I can do now though…..

Please visit my site sometimes if you have a chance.
My blog is completely bilingual .

Rika - 12/19/2006 04:27:13

Hello Brian,
I watched the videos in this web site.
I have no ideas what words I can say to Iraqs. I wish that people stop killing inocent Iraqis.

By the way, I visited hamineco’s web sites and read the following news that she said she got the news from her friend in Iraq.

I know the news that the people who were waring Iraq Police Uniform have done kindnapping or something very bad things.

But I am wondering it is true that there are Militas who have been suported by USA and iraq Government and they are free to commit robbery or murder. Do you know about that?

hamineco - 12/19/2006 19:03:47


I heard it from my friend too.
I have never been to Iraq and things what I hear about Iraq is all from him or medias so I don’t know the fact in fact.
But I have some info about the issue I got from Qasem long time ago which is you mentioned now so I will upload it in here or my blog or both when I can manage my time.

I wish this site owner would have time too but I know he must be much more busy than I.

Andy - 12/26/2006 07:57:20

It is unbearable to know these things are going on day by day and we outside Iraq feel as if we can do nothing to stop it. I agreed with Terry Williamson’t entry. I hope that later, the people of Iraq will be able to forgive each other and move on. I hope that the people of UK and US etc will refuse to elect anyone in future that is not committed to staying out of other people’s countries. The problem is that often means not voting,as most politicians are not willing to make that commitment.

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