Alive In Baghdad AiB Founder Arrested in Mexico…

AiB Founder Arrested in Mexico… - 12.06.2006

Lesley - 12/07/2006 12:14:36

Wow…living dangerously. Im glad you’re safe.

Schuyler Deerman - 12/07/2006 16:21:09

Ace reporting!

Andy Coon - 12/07/2006 23:31:56

Man what a story. I hope you can do what you intend on doing in Mexico. But damn make sure that you can do it before all hell breaks loose. Be safe.

Marc - 12/08/2006 03:06:38

Good luck Brian, stay positive. This is the future of journalism.

Matt - 12/08/2006 06:15:10

Lucky on both accounts! Good to hear you’re alright.

Excellent summary of events too by the way. Just started watching AIB videos, and will be continuing to do so.

Jessica - 12/13/2006 14:17:37

Mexico–good choice. Stay.

icequeen - 12/16/2006 23:49:50

thats an amazing story would of scared the pants off me.
Glad to hear you are safe best of luck in the rest of your travels

tova - 12/17/2006 15:07:53

good that you are safe and sound. I just saw your story on the BBC. Maybe it will bring you more traffic/funding. I’m in London for grad school. Back in the MidEast this summer. Let me know if you’re passing through town - you are most welcome. Stay safe.

Kim - 12/19/2006 09:41:45

Glad your okay. Keep up the great work.

hamineco - 12/22/2006 22:21:16

I understand how scary but how tough to make a right decision.
You have to keep yourself alive and safe to keep your great work up.
I’m glad you are safe now.

Glenn - 01/02/2007 15:36:01

Excellent work - thanks for taking a hit for us all… I love what you are doing! G

As Paddy - 03/02/2007 09:17:59

Keep up your good job, you are highly appreciated. Be sure that help will come soonest. We pray for your safety throughout your career. Stay protected and safe.

Lane - 08/15/2007 15:21:34

Is it fun free lancing using other peoples’ money ?

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