Alive In Baghdad Car Bomb Survivors, No Longer Statistics

Car Bomb Survivors, No Longer Statistics - 11.27.2006

mike - 11/27/2006 14:35:21

This video has me crying… what in the hell have we done…?

Asim - 11/27/2006 21:59:14

I really do wonder if they will ever be compensated for the loss of the shops they owned…..

Lesley - 11/28/2006 06:07:03

thats awful…there really is no moral highground to be claimed in this war anymore

Treasure of Baghdad - 11/28/2006 13:27:13

Thank you for this video and thank you for telling and showing the people in the world what kind of life Iraqis are going through.

jp - 11/29/2006 07:16:03

You are doing a great job. Well done

Fernando - 11/29/2006 14:43:25

It breaks my heart to see so many lives shattered and futures jeopardised. We (in the West) ought to see more of this small stories that are so huge for the individuals involved.

Fernando - 11/29/2006 14:54:33

It breaks my heart seeing so many lives shattered and futures jeopardised.
These little stories show snippets of huge dramas that we have caused by action or omission. Not in my name doesn’t even start to explain my feelings.

Ralph Buckley - 11/29/2006 17:30:24

if your at all human your immediate reaction is sadness, compassion, a desperate emptiness knowing that this is happening everyday, and I can’t do anything to help. Is this the fault of our very own government? Are u at least ‘open’ to the fact that it could be?
Well i write songs…songs that I pray could make a difference.
give a look/listen or don’t.
“The politics of war and murder”
The suicide bomber

The Suicide Bomber music video

peace and blessings 2 u,
ralph buckley

Ralph Buckley - 11/29/2006 17:34:35

if your at all human you immediately feel sadness, compassion, and a desperate emptiness ’cause there is nothing that I can do…
i have written a song, give a listen/look or don’t.
The politics of war and murder
peace 2 u,
ralph buckley

richard - 12/02/2006 14:39:15

This is an amazing video. Well, actually what is amazing is that we never see anything like this on the mainstream media. It really puts war into perspective. Very powerful.

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freddie - 12/04/2006 14:56:04

Leslie, “…moral highground…anymore.” Whenever WAS there any?
The whole world is going to suffer for decades because of a handful of small-minded, unscrupulous, greedy, cowardly, arrogant,(I’m out of adjectives) bipeds who are masqurading as human beings.

Kulah - 12/08/2006 00:51:13

God help these people.

I think the Western media should show more graphic images of victims, so that people can appreciate the brutality and hell of war. This might make the public think more carefully before giving their support for a war.

Pat - 12/08/2006 03:46:30

Thank you for allowing WE THE PEOPLE of planet earth to talk to each other - without politics, without agenda - just heart to heart. “An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth - soon the whole world will be blind and toothless” Ghandi. Best we all help one another so we can ALL move forward in peace & harmony.

alfred - 12/08/2006 06:31:01

it’s very interesting to know that bombs are being made in iran…maybe the iranian government is the main reason for the iraq problems…they (iran) sponsor the killings so that the americans look as if they did a bad job

Danny - 12/08/2006 09:48:30

I believe this video has not shown American’s as the culprit, for as it stated troops were no where near the shops, but it was Iranians trying to through spys cause civil war Iraq so Iran can supply arms and recieve money. If you would people above who say we are doing awful things watch any of the other videos, we, the United States Forces are trying to help, but the Iraqi people are just not willing to let us help.
Perhaps still we must leave, but not because we did horrible things, but because the Iraqi people are not wanting help and thus the people turn on us.

paul - 12/08/2006 13:08:59

My sister was in Iraq - when she came back for a vacation her dream at that point was to come home ..she was begging i know why… can’t our politicians see we are doing no good there ..this is disasterous and and why does man destroy man?

Katy - 12/08/2006 13:56:13

I wonder what the chances are that these men’s wounds will heal completely, given the quality of care and supplies they have access to. Will the wound on that man’s back ever heal properly? Is it possible that it is infected? If so, could he die from the infection? How does one live with such a large piece of flesh missing from that area of the body? I have no medical expertise, so I can’t judge any of these things, but aside from the dismay I feel at seeing such horrible and unnecessary injuries, I am hoping we can get a follow-up on these men so I will know how they are doing months from now.

Max - 12/12/2006 13:26:26

Wait just a minute. What in the world does the US have to do with this? How on earth can you be so blind as to ask what the US is still doing there? Holy Toledo, people! If you saw footage of what Saddam did to his people and could see footage of what he was going to do, or wanted to do with more weapons of mass destruction (WHICH HE HAD AND SHIPPED TO SYRIA), then these videos would look mild in comparison.

The suffering of these people is absolutely awful and it hurts me terribly to know it is happening. BUT DON’T BLAME THE US FOR IT. Like Danny said above, there are those, like the people who set these bombs off, who try to make the US and coalition forces look bad. And it’s working. You are buying it! The US is trying to put a stop to this brutality–so wake up and quit your criticism. War is awful and ugly. There are Americans coming home with limbs missing etc., etc from car bombs and other violence. Do you think the Us set off those car bombs?

The problem is, under the old regime, and under some regimes today, we did and we cannot really see what happened or what is happening. Some of our intelligence does see it though. And you, with all of your humaneness, could see what they see, you’d want to send in troops to stop the brutality, just as we have done.

There is sometimes a high price to pay for peace and freedom. It is worth it.

k - 12/12/2006 16:28:09

“There is sometimes a high price to pay for peace and freedom. It is worth it.”

Easy to say when you’re not paying that price.

Iman - 12/21/2006 08:26:12

Max,you are a typical example of the ignorant American, WAKE UP. Stop believing these ridiculous lies the US govt keeps telling you. Remember that no nuclear plant or any weapon of mass destruction was found which is one of the lame excuses the US used to attack Iraq. and please dont talk about what Saddam used to do to his people, now we know that what he did was necessary so that a civil war would not erupt like what is happening now.atleast the Iraqis were able to safely walk in their streets. If you think your poor soldiers who return without limbs suffer, think about the iraqis who are killed everyday becasue an arrogant president decided to remove some leader he didnt like.
It is the US’s responsibility to stop this brutality as it is the source of this brutality, but as things seem now they arnt clever or responsible enough to stop the mess they have started.

Iraker - 12/28/2006 18:10:27

Wer Muslem ist, macht so etwas nicht im Namen Gottes! Es ist einfach traurig.

Oswald - 12/29/2006 08:14:21

Ihr Schlussatz spiegelt wieder, was Sie als Produkt der Demokratie per Exempel praesentieren:
geistige Impotenz!

Phil - 01/03/2007 01:37:05

Iman - you are the one that needs to wake up. Over 1,000,000 people died under Saddam’s leadership. In 1991, Iraq had a wonderful educational system and women had more freedom than most in that region of the world. Saddam got greedy and went to war over oil 2x. The first time was with Iran and there were over 1,000,000 deaths (this is also when he was gassing the Kurds). Under his leadership, more people died daily than today. It’s not the US, it’s Iran/Syria that’s creating the problem - they want the US to look bad over there. You think everything would just settle down if we left right now? Think about that? There would be even more death than today. And today, there is less than under Saddam.

Another comment back to “k”. Pointless statement there about, “Easy to say when you’re not paying that price.” I see no point/purpose to that statement at all. It’s a waste of bandwidth on the Internet. Yes, it’s easy to say if you’re not paying the price. Are you trying to say something more than that or are you just blabbering because you had an opportunity to post and couldn’t pass it up so just blurted out the most obvious thing that came to your head?

Adie - 01/25/2007 01:42:09

Phil- Even if youíre right and a million people died under Saddam, but they died over 30 years of his American backed role. Under American role, 655,000 people killed in three years only! WAKE UP!
Donít forget that your beloved governments did not and do not make any secrete of the fact that they supported (and pushed) Saddam to fight Iran in 1980, and they also gave him the green light to invade Kuwait in 1990 (according to the US ambassador at the time, Mrs. Glaspy) and we ended up discovering that it was the US orders to Kuwaiti government to strangle Iraqís economy in the first place. WAKE UP!
For your question (You think everything would just settle down if we left right now?) of course it will, as long as the US stops interfering and supporting one party on another and respect all human beings the way they are and the way they want to be not the way the US want them to be . Donít forget, these people (Iraqis) built the worlds most respected civilizations together! HELLO! ARE YOU AWAKE YET!

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