Alive In Baghdad An Average Day in Baghdad

An Average Day in Baghdad - 11.03.2005

Baghdadi - 12/08/2006 19:28:53

worse video

Ali Omer - 01/05/2007 05:06:20

As we watch this short video ,everybody can realize that what’s happening in Iraq is made up (i mean all the nagative stuff specially the Suni and Shia issue) ,we can realize after taking a good look at this video , there is no problem between the people whatever they are…! but we can see that the U.S tanks patroling in the streets of Baghdad, and they are teaseing the people.

colleen - 06/28/2007 01:02:27

Wow Ali Omer you can tell that much from that video, what an investigative person you must be. You use about as much evidence as my president.

KSH - 09/28/2009 09:31:25

who were the men with guns? gang members?

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