Alive In Baghdad Arab Journalist Discusses Iraq

Arab Journalist Discusses Iraq - 11.14.2006

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Alive in Baghdad…

“Probably be murdered for the shit that I said I bring the real, be a legend, breathin’ or dead Lord listen to me God don’t like ugly It Was Written” –2pac, Against All Odds The video blog “Alive in Bagdhad” has had me captivated. It details the…

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[…] Arab Journalist Discusses Iraq is a piece from Alive In Baghdad, a team of Americans and Iraqi correspondents dedicated to covering the war in Iraq from the perspectives of individual Iraqis living through it. It is a short interview with Shadi Al-Kasim, a journalist and fixer who sometimes reports for Alive In Baghdad (though this is not mentioned in the segment). As an interview, it is weak–the questions lack any insight and serve merely as a platform from which Al-Kasim can expound his views. As the opinion of one Iraqi, though, it has an inherent interest, though it could be better presented. […]

Nigel - 11/29/2006 16:15:13

Seems like he has some good answers to the problems in Iraq. USA wont and cant leave until the trouble calms down, the trouble isn’t going to stop until USA leave, commonly called a paradox in the UK,,,, is the glass half full or half empty?

Nigel - 11/29/2006 17:33:17

And now Ive had some time to think….. On all the videos and reports from Iraq, I don’t see any dogs being used to detect car bombs and suicide bombers? They have an un-believable sense of smell and are effectively used to detect drugs in the UK, and I don’t mean growling vicious guard dogs, labradors I think are the best at detecting smells they are trained to detect?

David - 12/08/2006 10:01:17

The stock US press seems to be interested in presenting the big splash headline and not the detail of what is going on in Iraq. Almost every day there are reports of “insurgents” who bomb something, there is a report of the number of dead and a picture of a crater or burned out car. These reports are very sad but unfortunately do not lead to any understanding.
The interviewed person tells of an “insurgent” and gives the detail that he was an Iranian agent fomenting violence. There are many reports of Iranian and Syrian aid to perpetrators of violence in Iraq but not that many reports so support this. There also does not seem to be much action on the part of the US to stop this other than pointing a finger at Iran and Syria and asking them to stop.
That life there for people is hard is something we all understand back in the US. The problem in our understanding is who is doing the violence and why. There have been a few reports here (US) about a TV program in Iraq that shows “insurgents” that have been caught and tell their story on Iraqi TV. It would be useful to hear reports from Iraq about the background of some of these people to get a better understanding of the causes of the violence.

Inayat Khan - 02/05/2007 16:05:37

It is obvious that iraq is having more problems than it ever had. The american soldiers used to abuse the Iraqi people especially the unarmed civilians - they have not stopped as yet. Why dont we support the Iraqis to chase out these man slaughterers out of Iraq?

As Paddy - 03/02/2007 08:54:21

This is very simple and straight forward issue, before US was in Iraq for allegation of having weapon of mass destruction which was never to be, Iraq was not in serious mess as this. After the US entry things started happening and you are now asking what is the cause. The cause is very obvious for every sincere minded persons to know. Let the initiator of the whole scenerio find a lasting solution to all these problems. But let me remind you that whatever you sow you are going reap sooner or later, it is a matter of time.

Leon - 03/23/2007 17:00:08

keep up the good work. It’s great to hear the unfiltered views from Iraqis without an american big media gatekeeper interjecting their paternalistic crap. If only the big four & CNN listened to this guy “tell them the truth” people would rise up (I hope), but knowing Americans I think they would just march in DC and demand resignation instead of hanging Cheney, Wolfowitz, Perle, Bremmer, Rumsfeld and those bastards like they hanged Hussein, his brothers and sons, judges, vice president etc. I mean do americans think that pulling troops out is the end? the biggest american palace in the world is being built in the middle of Baghdad right now, permanent bases are there, I mean 16 years of continous bombing come for a reason and that is securing energy resources for this system.
If only the people realized the blood that is dripping from their hands, like Chomsky said some serious revolt would be near

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