Alive In Baghdad AiB @ the Vloggies

AiB @ the Vloggies - 11.10.2006

Eddie Codel - 11/10/2006 19:18:40

Hi guys. I’m so glad you guys rocked the house. You’re doing amazing work and I for one, really appreciate everyone’s dedication to this very humanizing project. You guys deserve the attention and hopefully that’ll translate into real resources and opportunities to grow this thing. Very glad to have met all of you. Can’t wait to see your other projects take off.

hami - 11/12/2006 03:28:35

Hi Brian.
I’m very happy to hear that many people support you.
Qasem seemed to be very excited and happy about this award winning.

But I lost contact with him soon after he sent me an email that tells me the inside details of Iraq’s government and I’m very worried.
Please let me know if you have any information.

This site really deserve the attention.
Please let me know your opinion about my proposal when you have some time.

hamineco - 11/13/2006 07:23:30

I heard from Qasem this morning.

Dave LaMorte from Teaching for the Future - 12/18/2006 12:20:23

Hey Brian,
You should make the blogs for AIB and AIM one blog, that way you can just post up to one. I mean their both coming from you so why would you have to travel to two spots.

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