Alive In Baghdad Brad Will, Killed in Oaxaca Mexico

Brad Will, Killed in Oaxaca Mexico - 10.28.2006

qasem - 10/28/2006 08:37:26

hi all friends
Brian I am deeply sorry for your friend gone …….be strong ….I can imagine part of your feels …..U miss him sure …..hope peace for his soul ……
be strong Brian ….U strong

Mariana - 10/28/2006 15:26:40

Hello Brian… I’m a Mexican girl and I send you my deeply condolences as well as to Brad’s friends and family. He was doing a great job for independent media to show the world Oaxaca’s struggle.

Brian - 10/29/2006 16:45:48

Here is a link to Brad’s last video:

Click Here.

and as plain text:–27oct06.mp4

Mariana - 10/30/2006 05:21:54

Brian, on Saturday’s & Sunday’s La Jornada ( newspaper edition you can find the last story written by Brad and good testimonies from Oaxaca’s people about the job he was doing in Oax. Also, weekly magazine Proceso ( published his photo, shot dead, on the front page. Both sites are in Spanish.

hami - 10/30/2006 12:31:16

what’s happening? why had he been killed?
I’m very shocked too….

Friendofpeace - 10/31/2006 06:02:04

Thats terrible. My condolences to everyone who knew him…

vare2 - 11/05/2006 05:43:06

He will be remembered as a hero.

megan, craig, georgia . - 03/05/2009 07:51:51

hello we have read some of your comments and some of them are very upsetting to read. we fell very sorry for you and hope it all works out for you .from 3 members of the appleton school.

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